Saturday, September 14, 2013

We interrupt your scheduled programming ...

This past week has got a bit hectic.  I missed a couple of training sessions, eeeek!  I put in a few busy days at work.  Had a lovely run yesterday morning, it really felt good.  And culminated today in this ...

Excuse the blurry phone photo, I think the sight of my cake made my husband a bit giddy!!  Yes it is my birthday today and being that I was being taken out to a ritzy chi chi pooh pooh place for lunch, I had made a planned decision to eat, savour and enjoy.

So my meal this afternoon consisted of the most delicious vegetable tart ever! with sweet potato chips and a lovely salad with goats cheese and slivered almonds through it, so nice tasting the mellow creamy texture of the goats cheese and the crunch of the almonds amongst the greens of the salad.

I told Mike not to buy me a birthday cake this year.  Lets face it, it's just the two of us here and we would be eating cake all week otherwise.  I said that I was going to choose one of their delectable desserts and that would be my birthday cake that I would enjoy to the max, own it, and move on.

So I chose a scrumptious date and nut torte, which they warmed up and put berry coulis on the side, it was incredible.  But not before Mike (my gruff, he-man, no nonsense husband) dug into his top pocket and whipped out a candle he had brought with him and popped it on top, so I had something to blow out and make a wish.

Ahh, he is an old softie romantic after all, not that he'd ever admit it.

So there we have it, I have now officially entered into my last year of the 40's.  I have a plan (there's ALWAYS a plan people!!! stay with me on this one)  I have decided that this coming 12 months I am going to do 50 fabulous things before I turn 50.  That's roughly one "thing" a week.  I want to embrace life, celebrate it, celebrate me.  I want to know that I appreciate the little things as well as jump for joy for the big things.  It's the scrapbooker/story teller in me I guess.  And I will be documenting my 50 things.  So stay tuned.

And having eaten that AMAZING cake, I have a very big run planned tomorrow morning! ha.  As one of my friends mentioned this afternoon, now I've got to pay for it !!!!  

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Lynne said...

Happy birthday. I look forward to reading your fifty fabulous things scrap booking pages. (PS did you ever finish December? I was cheering so hard for you to get it done but I don't remember you ever posting that you did!)