Saturday, September 7, 2013

Exhausted !

I have not stopped today, except right now, writing this blog post.  Actually I feel like I haven't stopped for the last few weeks, but that's another story.

Take today for instance, I was up and out the door just after 7.30am to head into Warrnambool for my 8.30 appointment at the hairdressers (one of my favourite things to do I might add).  Had to be back home by 11 to work at the CWA Cake Stall outside the electoral hall.  Of course I was running 10 mins late.  Ended up working at the stall until we sold out so was there for just over an hour.  Voted.  Back home to make toasted sandwiches for us for lunch.  Then made two date and nut loaves for family tomorrow.  Followed by a batch of hokey pokey cookies for Britt and Wes to take home with them.  Then made enough Rice Paper Rolls for our dinner tonight and in the fridge ready for dinner tomorrow.  It's been madness.

That's after I made more nut loaves yesterday and 72 chocolate chip cookies to bag up for the cake stall today.

Exhausted doesn't begin to describe.

I have had some exciting moments though.  Take last Sunday for instance, where I met up with my 12wbt friends and we went to a ... wait for it ... ready ... POLE DANCING CLASS !  Yes you read right.  Actually it was two classes, six of us did one and six of us did the other, then we swapped.  So I started with a Burlesque Dance Lesson, then followed by Pole Dancing.  I got my groove on.

It's actually harder than it looks, way harder, you need a good core and great upper body strength, it was a great workout.  And well the Burlesque dancing, I did my routine for Mike when I got home, I just didn't expect that he would almost keel over on the kitchen floor in hysterical laughter.  Well in MY mind I was totally hot to trot !!

The room looked like a barnyard full of chickens had crossed through it by the end of the lesson with all the feathers that came from our boas.  Hysterical !  

Lots of fun.

Oh and big news at the G House.  Mike has given up smoking, yet again.  This time however it's different.  There's a light in his eyes that I think he's determined.  I even took a photo and made a page when he proudly told me how long right down to the hour that he'd been off the smokes.  

Credits Designer Digitals.

So by tomorrow the world as we know it will change with a newly elected Prime Minister.  Let's hope that Australia has made the right decision, time will tell.


Lynne said...

Whew! You're making me feel exhausted with all that hustle and bustle! Wishing Mike all the best in his quest to give up smoking.

Cassandra said...

That is a LOT of baking!! I'm tired just reading it!! Love the idea of Mike falling over laughing... in my mind I can dance really well too ROFL.... and yay for giving up the smokes! He can do it with your fabulous example on the 12wbt trail!