Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hard of hearing

I swear since Mike has had his hearing checked a couple of months ago, his hearing overnight went from bad to worse!!  A combo of years of playing bagpipes, of using loud machinery, has definitely taken its toll.

Our lives have become a big game of Chinese whispers of late.  at times it is funny.  Take tonight for instance.  I was working on a presentation for our upcoming CWA meeting.  Our country of study this year is New Zealand so each month I present a different subject.

Me:  Hey honey, I'm going to do a paper on Tribal Tattoos.

Mike:  Where are you going to get the Trifle Cashews??

Aaaaarrrggggghhhh!!  Sometimes funny, and we will be in fits of laughter, most times frustrating to him.  I'm now constantly trying to manoeuvre at family events or meet ups with friends so that he is closest to the discussions.  I do feel for him.

So what to do about it?  He's too flipping vain to get a hearing aid, which then infuriates me.  Man!!! You need to hear what's going on.  And stop pretending you can't hear me doing the dishes, you can still see!!!

So Australia went to the polls on the weekend and we now have a change of Government.  Time will tell if the right decision has been made.

Mike had the election on telly Saturday night, woo hoo we live an exciting life.  This was the end result in the midst of the votes being counted ...

Yep, exciting times!!


Lynne said...

Both my mum and mum-in-law have hearing aids but they won't wear them because they amplify every noise, not just the ones you want to hear! Imagine running and hearing every footstep pounding inside your head! I feel like that just walking with my iPod ear-phones in! I do feel for Mike, it must be very frustrating!

Cheryl said...

hearing aids are so very different to the old hideously huge things of yesteryear...

yes they amplify other sounds also but it is very much worth it... I really like being able to talk to my Dad again without having to yell at him over something simple... the downside is if he doesn't like what he's hearing he turns the damn things off!