Saturday, August 24, 2013

Date night

Had a date with my man tonight.  Out to the local pub for dinner for a great steak, mmmm, them to the local hall to see a one-woman show.  Quite terrific.  So nice seeing a show from Warrnambool do the rounds of the smaller satellite towns.  We took full advantage and made a night of it.

Yes yes. Loving the Instagram.  Here are some other recent offerings of the snippets of our lives...

Lucky loves licking the leftover froth from my skinny chai latte, funny boy!

Driving straight to the pot of gold.

Wet snowdrops in my very wet garden!

The prize at the end of my run during the week.

Someone loves his mum.

He man husband decided to carry me across the kitchen, he definitely broke a sweat!

He decided to PRUNE the cherry plum tree, this is what was left. Remind me never to give him scissors to cutting hair!!

This is really why I'm enjoying Instagram. A small snippet, just remembering our days. It's all memory keeping.


Lisa Beth said...

Sheesh! He "prunes" like James does! I keep saying, there IS a middle ground, you know, but it's all or nothing with him.

Love your end of run pic. And you look so happy these days! :-)

Lynne said...

Seems like a great way to create memory shots!