Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I've gone and done a disappearing act once again

Life has well and truly thrown it's force at me over the last few weeks.  I've been so busy.  But with lots of good things.

Last weekend I had a terrific weekend away in Daylesford with my three girlfriends here from town.  Our annual pilgrimage away, sans husbands and children.  It was wonderful, oh except for the moment I realised I had left my bag of shoes at home.  Arrrrrgh.  I only had a pair of ankle lace up boots which I was wearing.  So down the street I went and $60 later I ended up with a fugly pair of red zip up walking shoes, which could double as running shoes, as I was aiming to be up early in the mornings to go running around the lake.  Which I did.

Oh and you can be forgiven if you think I'm always off celebrity spotting, but look who I met this week.  Now don't go thinking I'm off cheating on Michelle Bridges!!   I'm not!  However Lisa Curry came to Camperdown and presented "A night with Lisa" and talking about health and fitness and her life and a bit of food science thrown in, and it was absolutely brilliant.  I wasn't sure what to expect, thinking it would be a hard sell for her program, but it wasn't at all.

Oh for the overseas people, this is Lisa Curry.   Olympian, gold medallist in swimming and a terrific motivational speaker.

She was thoroughly entertaining, completely down to earth, and absolutely stunningly beautiful.  Such a fun night, we had a number of 12wbt'ers there.  Hey, I'll take inspiration from wherever it comes from.

A very motivational night.  If you ever have a chance to hear her speak, it's well worth it.  What a fascinating life she has lead.

Oh I mentioned being busy.  This weekend I'm off again.  Actually I'm off tomorrow and not back till Sunday.  It's the end of our 12 weeks and this time the finale party is in Melbourne.  Exercising at Albert Park and then the ritzy chi chi pooh pooh party at the Crown Palladium Ballroom.  I have the most gorgeous dress packed and I'm ready to party.

So will be back Sunday with pics.


Polly said...

Life in your world sounds fabulous Carol, power to you!

Lynne said...

12wbt and associated topics have taken you places and helped you meet people I bet you never dreamed of!