Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers Day ... an early morning - a run - and cheesecake!

What a terrific day it was today.  I went down to Geelong to do the Mothers Day Classic, also so that mum could see me run for the first time.  It was quite a different feeling this fun run, not having any of the girls from our local crew or friends there also.  But mum sure made up for it.  Talk about proud, she decked herself out in pink too!  When they called to line up for the start of the race, mum gave me a hug and started crying, she was so happy.

Thought I might get a few tips from one of the lifesavers before the race!!  Hmmm, he was the strong silent type for sure.  Wasn't giving much away.

I was running today for three people.  Firstly my very special Grandma Ivy who passed away in 2006.  Secondly my wonderful mother-in-law Pat who passed away in 2008.  Both not having passed away from breast cancer, but both very special women in my life, so my run today was dedicated to them.  And thirdly I was running for my workmate and friend Trudy who is fighting the fight against breast cancer right now.  Having just finished chemo she is about to start radiotherapy, and it was such a motivating factor during the run that when I hit the rises in the park and breathing got labored and legs got heavy, I just thought of Trudes and how crap she feels with her chemo and it kept me going.

With Mike not down for this run, mum became chief paparrazzi, screaming madly as I ran past.  

Poor mum looked more than a little scared at my enthusiasm after I crossed the finish line!  8km under my belt, running the whole way, first fun run I've done that in (my last fun run being back in February).  I felt absolutely amazing.  Mike even commented that having just finished in this photo, I didn't even look as exhausted as I used to look, although my legs are certainly feeling it tonight!!

THE SPOILS OF VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!   My little medallion and a banana!!  Oh and a Princess sash which I just may wear to work tomorrow.

So after this, home to shower and change and then off to a special Mothers Day lunch at Empire Grill.  Being that one of my step-daughters now lives in Geelong she came with us and it was just lovely.  LADIES WHO LUNCH!  That's what I want to call us.  We had a terrific time.  And this is what it's all about, to be a good role model for my family, for my stepchildren, and to live a good, honest and healthy life with enthusiasm.

Shhhhh ... don't tell Mish!  But I thought 8km run meant I could partake in dessert.  Between us, okay?  Lemon cheesecake, orange shortbread and mango sorbet.  OMG . IT . WAS . GOOD !

Hope that your Mother's Day was as brilliant as mine!

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Lynne said...

Hey, you deserve that treat for such great work! Happy Mothers' Day (belatedly). I had the best ever -- I unexpectedly got to cuddle both my grandsons!