Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sunday happenings

Forgive me blog, I am still around!  Have to tell you about last Sunday.  And trust me for anyone overseas this is not going to mean a thing and the drool factor, yeah well it may still be there, but you will have no idea who I am talking about.   Anyway I travelled to Ararat to see a couple of familiar faces, and meet up with some of our Warrnambool 12wbt crew, who were also up for a bit of action.   Aussies, do you recognise anyone???  And in my head there was an imaginary conversation going on too...

I dare you not to drool looking at Commando Steve there smiling.  Okay well I caught him at the beginning of a laugh and happened to click, but in my mind he saw me across the crowd and smiled, so we shall go with that turn of events shall we?  And okay so a little bit of literary license taken there, but oh me oh my Commando Steve did have us swooning, I'll grant you that.   

We were fortunate to see some filming for the next season of The Biggest Loser, not to mention possibly being filmed ourselves (think as in an "extra" capacity).  Can't really say any more than that.  Our one second of fame will probably not make the cut, but it was all a bit of fun and a chance to catch up with some of our crew again in the very cold conditions early in the morning at Ararat.

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Lynne said...

You're a card! It's amazing where 12wbt has taken you, isn't it?