Saturday, May 11, 2013

12WBT Finale

Last weekend was the 12WBT MELBOURNE FINALE! What a weekend.  The Warrnambool & Surrounds 12WBT crew totally rocked it.  I love being part of this group, I call them my "health and fitness sisters".  They keep me honest, they keep me sane, they keep me motivated and inspired and continuing on this path.  I sometimes get lost in the forums, as inspiring as they are, but with our local group there is that connection.  And it was wonderful to spend the weekend with so many of them.

And how fitting, my last weigh in saw my total loss of 30kg!  That's 66 pounds!  And I feel amazing.

Here's some pics from my amazing weekend which involved a workout with Michelle Bridges at Lakeside Stadium and a ritzy chi chi pooh pooh party at the Crowne Palladium Ballroom.

Saturday workout with Mish.  It was terrific.  Having one of crew in the gruelling fitness challenge, we were so excited to cheer her on.  So excited that the compere came down to interview us.  Oh dear.  I felt a huge push in my back towards the man with the mike to be the spokesperson.  You think I got a little bit excited???  I don't even remember this.

Our sensational group looking quite spiffy in our new workout t-shirts and hoodies and caps.  I tell you the hoodies came in very handy early in the morning, it was c-c-cold.  

The reason we were all there, the motivating factor behind all of us, the fantastic Mish.  Looks like she was a wee bit cold too!  

Thanks to Alison, one of our crew who wasn't able to exercise, she took hold of my camera and took photos of our team.  Lots and lots of photos, to which I'll be putting together a little surprise for the girls in the next few weeks.    It was a good workout.  The grass stains on our t-shirts became battle scars.  We jumped, we ran, we dropped, we lifted, we had a ball.

And here's the pic we were wanting.  Our crew with the fabulous Mish.

We had gotten to Crowne and had made our way up the staircase with some of the crew and a man and his two young boys happened to go past and I asked if he'd take a pic.  "Sure" he said.  Then 10 cameras were thrust his way.  I saw a fleeting look cross over his face as to whether to take flight.  Lucky for us he patiently took a pic with all the cameras.

We had a ball, our Warrnie girls surely know how to party.  I didn't stop dancing all night, we celebrated our friendships, we celebrated our weight losses, and we celebrated the night.  Oh and I promise I did not pinch Charlie on the bottom!  Loved the Hollywood theme.  

Loved this fun pic of my friend Lynn too!   

We danced the night away.  And I just loved my dress.  I felt absolutely rockin'.  So . much . fun !

Adelaide is the next Finale, hmmmmmm :-)

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Lynne said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time -- as I said in a previous comment, it's amazing where 12WBT has taken you!