Saturday, May 25, 2013

Another weekend, another run

You knew that, didn't you?  It's the way it goes for me lately.  It's either running myself stupid around town or another fun run.  In this case tomorrow is another fun run in the most beautiful place on earth.  I'm doing the Run the Gap in Halls Gap and I can't wait, although I am anxiously haunting Elders Weather for any updates.

It will be cold I'm sure, early in the morning, so I have my new long sleeved running top at the ready, all my gear is out ready to be packed, followed up by a change of clothes for climbing a mountain the afternoon.  Oh yes, we don't do things by halves here.  Run 6km in the morning, climb a mountain in the afternoon, courtesy of a scheme cooked up by my darling husband.  He wants to take photos as muse for some landscape painting he wants to do.

Oh and for my overseas friends, here's a You Tube video they've put together for the run, it's worth it for the scenery alone.


I ended up scrapbooking some of the photos from the Mothers Day run, and so happy with my bright pink double page spread.  My mum sent me a very special card in the mail during the week telling me about how proud she was of me running, first time she'd seen me run.  I just HAD to scrapbook it!!

Credits Designer Digitals.

So roll on tomorrow, I can't wait.

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