Sunday, December 23, 2012

Some like it hot

... and yet others do not!  Not this hot.  Oh my word, we have flagged today, really struggled.  It was forecast extreme fire danger, and you could tell first thing when I ventured outside it was going to be hot.   Although taking a look at the trusty Elders Weather site, it only hit 37.3 C (99 F) here and that was at 5pm tonight.   And I'm going to hit them with "liar liar pants on fire".  Surely it was hotter than 37, it certainly felt it.

Poor old Molly, she really felt it today.  Whenever I moved in the house, she followed me.  Never left my side, poor darling.  If I was in the loungeroom, she'd be laying on the slate.  If I came up here to the computer, she'd be laying on the floor next to me.  Heck, even going to the loo and finding her laying in the passageway waiting for me.  I gave her a big hosing down this afternoon, she didn't even run from the water, she just stood there and enjoyed the showery drenching.

Now biggest news and Lynne at Never Too Hot to Stitch will be pleased to see, I am showing a finished crochet project.  Lynne!  You okay?  I do believe you've just fallen off your chair!!!  I have been bemoaning this blasted Pang Hat for way too long.  Here I was patting myself on the back thinking I'd finished all my shopping, wrapping and the like, then I realised I hadn't finished the hat that I had started way back when I stayed with mum after she got out of hospital.

This hat truly has almost done me in.  I've frogged it three times, I mucked up the pattern on the brim, the second line was meant to be a mirror of the first, with the triangles facing the other way.  Eh!  And I got up about 7am this morning whilst his Lordship had a Sunday sleep in and finished the darn blasted hat.  I had to you tube to work out how to make a tassel, sewed the ends in, and it's finished.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say he'll be the only person in this little town with one of these hats for sure.  And I'll tell you now, after all the effort that's gone into this relatively simple looking hat, HE BETTER DARN WELL WEAR IT !!

You'll recall he wanted to look just like his "friend" Billy.  Well this is as good as it's going to get.

The reason I have finished it in secret is that I believe he thinks I've forgotten about it, he knew I'd started it but he hasn't seen it around for the last month, being that I've been stitching in my lunch break and when he's not around.  Now to put it in a box, so he won't guess when he opens the present.  

Here's the next few December Dailys.  I'm going so hot and cold with this project.  I love that the end result will be a documentation of the month for us to look back on.  But I think I've made the project harder than it needed to be.  If I ever do it again it will be much simpler.

Credits Designer Digitals.

Now off to bed for me.  Lets hope I don't have a busy day tomorrow, I want to get in, get my work done, and get home.  Half the population will have taken Monday off I'm sure.

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Lynne said...

It's hot here too and would you believe that yesterday was the day the air-conditioner in my car decided to run out of gas! No way to get that fixed until the new year! Fortunately we still have WM's car to get around in, and he doesn't go back to work until 2nd January!

I didn't fall off my chair but I am pleased to see a finish of the yarn-y kind! LOL

I truly hope Mike appreciates it and wears it!

Have a wonderful Christmas!