Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's official

This elf named "Carol" has stuck her last bit of sticky tape, tied her last ribbon, written on her last tag and wrapped her last present.  DONE!  ALL DONE!   And at last we can take possession of the kitchen table again, free from ribbon and wrapping paper, and scissors and glue.  Whew, big job.  And I wonder why each year I wait until I have everything bought before I wrap.  Why don't I wrap as I go?  One of those questions of my universe I'm afraid.

But one enjoyable part to today was that I played a new Christmas CD while I was wrapping.  The new Rod Stewart Christmas CD, and it's a great one.

So where were we, moving right along with December Daily.  I realised I left 4th December off the blog, so I slipped that in the last post.  So here are the latest entries, how our 6th and 7th December panned out.

Crazy weather we've been having in the south-west, wouldn't you agree?  We had our Carols by Candlelight last night, for the first year for a while the Masons weren't organizing it, so it was going to be a treat to kick back on the village green, on a balmy night, singing Carols, having a picnic dinner, with Mike instead of him running around with a clipboard as usual.  


Down came the rain, all day.  The Carols were moved to the hall, but it's not the same atmosphere and although the organisers tried to triumph it really fell short of the mark, unfortunately.  Sad to say, we left before the end, slipped out the back door.  Oh dear.  

I have a fun day tomorrow, you'll have to wait to see.

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Lynne said...

My, you are very organised! I still haven't written the cards or finished the shopping! But the tree is up, the cheesecake and meat for the barbecue are in the fridge and the family hordes will be here in just a few hours!