Saturday, December 29, 2012

I despair

... that I will never get my December Daily finished.  Thank goodness I am journalling every day, the photos are being taken, it's just the getting them on the pages that is my bugbear.  Time poor.

I mentioned that the kids came for Boxing Day dinner.  The photos are still on the camera!  That's how far behind I'm getting.  I'm trying to get the house back to order at the moment, and the dreaded taking down of the Christmas decorations tomorrow.  Always one of the saddest days of the year.

Now, before I go any further I want to say "Shame Mr. Safeway, Shame".  I saw hot cross buns there the other day.  They were still selling the Christmas goodies half price, and yet, in the bakery section, hot cross buns.  Not cool Safeway, definitely not cool.

So here's a couple more pages showing the way we spent our December.  I will finish these, I have said it out loud to the universe, so it must be done.


I'm feeling a bit sick tonight.  I found the bag of green and red M&M's in the cupboard and have been munching on them, with the lopsided idea that they're small, they won't matter.  Perhaps not.  But the quantity I've eaten them in tonight, ouch!  There will be an early morning jog calling me tomorrow.


Polly said...

Hot cross buns already? Disgusting.

Lynne said...

I thought Hot Cross Buns in C**s a couple of years ago on the day before Australia Day was ridiculous but December? I agree, definitely not cool!