Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas at the G House

What a couple of days we have had.  Christmas has been WONDERFUL this year.  We both have felt so much joy and so blessed, we embraced the day and ran with it.  Literally.

Christmas Day.  Beautiful weather.  We had done the big family thing the weekend before, so Christmas Day was to be ours.  Amazing how many people try to talk you into coming to their Christmas day meals when they find out you are spending it alone.  But we actually love the Christmasses when we hide out here, do our own thing, have our beautiful meal, take our time, enjoy each other's company.  This year was no exception.

Michelle Bridges at 12wbt had asked for a Christmas gift from us 12wbt'ers, that we do a workout on Christmas Day, with a Christmas hat on, and send it to her.  So I went jogging around town just after 7am.  I hope I gave the neighbourhood of this little town a giggle if they looked out their windows and saw me jogging by wearing a santa hat.  And kudos to Mike he got up after I left and hung around outside waiting to see me jogging back down the street from the other direction to snap some photos.

Yep, I do live in a little community, we don't have footpaths in the majority of streets, so jogging is usually down the centre of the road!    I love that last photograph, you'd think I'd just won a gold medal for a marathon run!

We then went back to bed and opened our Christmas stockings.  You know I'm doing December Daily so nothing is off limits in the camera department.  Scared look on Mike's face!!

I made sure I set up the tripod and thanks to the timer, I got a photograph of Mike and I.   Took about five photos and this is the one I really loved.

Caught in the kitchen making the fudge cakes.  Yep, the hat stayed on me all day.  Just in case you're wondering.  :-)

We did the ham and turkey and vegetables as usual, it was delicious.  And we don't do the whole plum pudding thing here, Mike is used to me going left field for Christmas dessert, usually buying a magazine and saying "yep, that looks good" and setting about making it.  This year I made little chocolate fudge cakes, served with raspberries and icecream.  Oh My Goodness - delicious!  This was from the 12wbt Christmas menu.  I really enjoyed this sweet treat at the end of the meal.  Mike however had a number of them, hmmmm.  Well they must have been good.

We set about opening presents and I was over the moon that Mike gave me a fabulous walking back pack, he knew how much I loved walking the Otways and hiking Mount Abrupt and I've said I want to do more of that in 2013, get right out into nature and breathe the fresh air and push myself to achieve.  This is so perfect, it is light, it has nooks and crannies, perfect for camera, lunch, water bottle, jacket or whatever else I would need.  And it's so comfortable too.

Inside the backpack there were smaller wrapped up gifts, oh joy!  This man of mine really put thought into surprising me this year.  I got a beautiful pendant in the shape of a heart with the inscripton "LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH".   How perfect is this motto for me.  And there were a couple of Michelle Bridges books too, another great choice.   

More presents to be had.  Someone is looking a tad pleased with himself, he didn't know where to start.

And here is the darn blasted #%&(*%&(@#$& pang hat I've been making.   Firstly the moment when he opened the box and realised what was inside

And here it is.  Round of applause, this blasted hat has kept me on my toes.  It looks relatively easy, it probably is if you read the pattern correctly.  And Mike is just eccentric enough to wear this, tassel and all.

The hot diggedy dogs loved their presents too.  Molly got a pink rope thingy.   And let's face it, this was the best five minutes Lucky has had!  Demolished!!



There was a bit of this going on after that.   Someone felt full as a goog.  That totally would have been me in years gone by, sleeping with a gurgly stomach, but not this year.  I had energy to burn, so played with the dogs for a while with their new toys.

I took this photo of my angel as a way of remembering my dad.  Five years ago on Christmas day.  I know he was with us.   And Pat.  We also had a candle burning for them.

And we ended our perfect day watching a movie.  Someone else wanted to snuggle, after all it had been a big day for the little boy.   Complete and utter peace.

So that was it, our perfect Christmas Day, followed by another perfect day for Boxing Day today when the kids came last night for dinner.  Those photos for another post.

So I hope that your Christmas has been a wondrous as ours was.   


Polly said...

Fantastic, it looks like you had a really wonderful day Carol.

Lynne said...

Looks like you had a lovely day! Our Christmas is still to come -- as far as we are concerned, today is Christmas Eve!

ksharonk said...

Hey Carol, thanks so much for popping in to say 'hi' so often on my blog ... so much appreciated! I read so many blogs, but don't comment as often as I should ... just know that your words are always appreciated.
Wishing you the very best of the season, and hope 2013 is a fabulous one for you and your loved ones! :)