Saturday, December 1, 2012

Checking in quickly

Checking in really quickly using the sketchy wireless whilst our internet is still down.  Grrrrrr.   yep we're still internet-less in this part of the world.

I went to the Color Run in Melbourne last Sunday, oh my goodness what a blast.  My first fun run ever, and whilst I didn't run the whole 5km I probably ran about 3.5 to 4 km of it.  It was also fun to think we were running on the hallowed turf of Flemington Race Course.  Hmmm well with all the winners it's seen over the years, it certainly hasn't seen a running style like mine!

I promise we did start out all nice and clean and shiny, and it was a thrill to be in the first wave of runners in the first Color Run in the Southern Hemisphere!  For those not in the know, every kilometre you get blasted with a different colour until by the end you are a riot of colours.  Proceeds went to the Australian Paralymics so what a worthy cause.

Here's a photograph of my friends on the day, Casey and Tania, my fellow partners in colour!!

Ahh yes, it was all about the pink for sure!   By the end of the run we were fairly well colourfied!  It was like a chance to get back to being kids and playing, totally fun just looking about seeing such happy happy people.   Looking forward to next year.

Fancy me doing a fun run.  Me?  Running?  It defies description (fun and run in the same sentence? surely not) and yet that is another gift that 12wbt and my new healthy lifestyle has given me.  The chance to be  active and out in the community.  I love it.  I love it so much that I've actually entered into a fun run next January in Warrnambool, the Surf to Surf 6k.  And I'm doing this one for real.  Running (hopefully) the entire way.  

Good intentions, but ...

Before I go I just have to share.  I got home yesterday afternoon and there was a present on the kitchen table for me from the local CFA who I took some photographs for recently as a thank you.  I said to my husband just before I opened it, "whew, well at least it's too big to be a box of chocolates".  WRONG!  It's the biggest freaking box of chocolates I have ever seen.    OMG, I did the total calcs from the panel on the back - it contains 16,475.36 kilojoules of chocolate!  

I got Mike to take a photo of me with the box so I could send to my bestie, so she could get the context of just HOW BIG a box of chocolates this was.  Got to love her, she replied that maybe the box was a normal size but I've lost so much weight I'm tiny in comparison! (or words to that effect).   Thanks Sonia!!!  :-)

The first Christmas party I go to I'm taking it, opening it, and it can be devoured by everyone but me.  What a way to flex that willpower muscle.


Lynne said...

Sounds like you (and your will power) are enjoying your new lifestyle!

esther_a said...

Well, that sure is a test of your mettle! And you are coming through with flying colors!!
BTW, what sort of word is "mettle"?! Have you EVER seen it written before? Have you EVER heard it in a sentence not preceded by "test your"?! Isn't our language quirky?!

Anonymous said...

that's massive!!! And the calorie count!

But seriously carol, your running is just so inspiring!