Sunday, November 4, 2012

Weekly round up!

Yep, the blog has become a bit of a weekly round up lately.  As physical fitness and exercise has become a large part of my life, I find I'm more than likely out and about, particularly with day light savings on us now.  Love DLS!

I'm almost at the end of another 12 weeks on Michelle Bridges 12WBT (12 week body transformation).  And to date I've lost 21.3 kg.  That's 46.8 pounds for my overseas friends.  I'm feeling great, words just can't describe it.  I love that my bestie Sonia is also doing her own weight loss program in Tassie and we are keeping tabs on each other.   Got to love technology, she face-timed me yesterday to show me a new top she had bought, then I face-timed her so she could see me dressed up ready to go out last night.   Love being able to talk face to face like that, modern technology still blows my mind.

So yeah, I went out last night.  Yep yep yep.  Happened to meet one of my long time crushes, teenage obsessions, call it what you will, when Jon English came to town.   A couple of years ago we went to "The Rock Show" where he had taken a group of young and amazingly talented musicians on the road presenting rock and roll through the ages.  We loved it so much that when we heard he was coming back on another tour, this time with "Rock Revolution" with another talented group of young musicians, we jumped at the chance.  I bought tickets so quickly we had plum seats in the 6th row!   Miss Brittany came with us too, even though she'd never ever heard of Jon English in her life, and she had a great time.

I knew we would get the chance to meet him after the show, like last time.  I came armed and ready with the camera this time.  And I turned into a giggling teenager in front of him this time.  Mike honestly had no idea what had come over me.  So much for trying to act cool!

In case you want to read the journalling:
"So I admit it, I have had a long standing ‘crush’ on Jon English. Growing up, this Australian Rock Icon got me through my teenage years. The long hair, the dark sultry eyes, it was all just a bit ‘naughty’ !!

He came to Warrnambool again, this time with the Rock Revolution Show and once again I got to meet him after the show. This time I came prepared with a camera.

Last time I met him back in 2010, I told him I loved the show, admitted that I had his posters on my bedroom wall when I was growing up to which he puffed out his chest, until I added “yes, right next to the Bay City Rollers” which brought out loads of laughter from the rest of the crew. Way to go Carol in the smooth stakes!

This time I wanted to play it cool. I told him I had a great night and asked if we could get a photograph. But once Mike aimed the camera, I slipped my arm around him quickly and there was a look of fear on his face in the photograph, I think in case I had plans of jumping the table and landing on his lap!

Even now at age 63, the man still has it, the voice is still there, as are the moves, albeit a bit slower. But quite frankly he could strut his stuff till he’s 100 and I’d still come back for more!"

Credits Designer Digitals.

So after a huge week last week at work which saw two long standing friends that I work with retire, a new week is about to start without my friends at work, which is quite sad.  For me, not for them, as they have been looking forward to retirement and all the new possibilities it brings.

I, on the other hand, am looking forward to an upcoming trip to Sydney I am making, with lots of possibilities and surprises in store.  Stay tuned.

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Lynne said...

Guess what? I used to really like Jon English too! I saw him in Superstar six times. I saw him in shows of his own across Sydney. He shook his head at one show and I was sitting so close I got showered with sweat; I told WM I would never shower again. And one time, when we were walking out of the club to the car park, he was outside, in the dark, having a cigarette. And he said "hello"; we hadn't even seen him till then! So, I guess I'm saying, I know how you feel!