Friday, November 16, 2012

And away I go ...

I no sooner get back from my mum's who is recuperating nicely after her operation, and I'm off again.  This time to Sydney!  Yip yip yahoooooo.

I cannot tell you how excited I am.  I'm jumping out of my skin.  I have finished another round of Michelle Bridges 12wbt and I'm now sitting at a loss of 22.9 kg (that's a smidge over 50 pounds).  I'm feeling absolutely amazing and my energy levels are through the roof.  I'm off today to spend a wonderful weekend with friends, some new, some old, back on Monday.

During that time I think that sleep will be highly overrated.  We have fun things planned, like the Village Bizarre tonight at the Rocks, the huge 12wbt work out on Saturday morning with the wonderful Michelle, the ritzy chi chi pooh pooh cocktail party on Saturday night celebrating the end of Round 3 where I'm going to be so excited to be wearing my beautiful new dress, and there's a late twilight Bridge Climb on Sunday coming down off the bridge when Sydney will be laid out all twinkly before us in the night sky.  What better way to end the most perfect weekend.  

And then on Monday we start the next round in ernest, roll on Round 4, I aim to smash it!  (thems fighting words over Christmas huh?)

Before I go I want to share a page I did for my wonderful husband, who has been in my corner right throughout this whole 12wbt journey.  Just quietly I think he has put himself side-by-side with Michelle Bridges as my trainer, but we won't go there!  :-)

Credits Designer Digitals.

Thank you honey.

And with that I best go zip up this case before I keep putting things into it, it's going to be heavy enough as it is!  My ride will be here soon.   Back Monday with stories galore I'm sure.


Polly said...

That is just the loveliest tribute. Have a wonderful weekend away.

Lynne said...

You made me cry - what beautiful words.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend despite our awful weather forecast! Today is the greyest I have seen the sky in a long time!

ksharonk said...

I hope you have a FAB.U.LOUS weekend, Carol ... I am so proud of your progress! And incidentally, I'd hold on to that man of yours ... he's a winner!!! :)