Friday, November 9, 2012

Three weeks off

Yep, three weeks off work, terrific, and lots of plans.

Firstly, my mum is in hospital and I'll be heading down there to look after her for the first few days.  She had a hernia operation, so no bending, stretching, cooking, cleaning for a little bit.  So I'll feel a bit disconnected over the next few days, no computer, no internet, no scrapbooking AAAARRRGGGHH !!!!   I do have plans of making lots of good nutritious meals for mum's freezer, and I guess there'll be some knitting involved.  I've packed my Michelle Bridges DVD's also so I have no excuse to exercise, just because I don't have my gym handy.

I'll only be back for a day or two and then I head off to Sydney.  A huge Finale party is being planned for the end of this round of 12wbt.  I didn't go to the finale last round as it was in Perth, but there was no stopping me this time.  There's a few local girls going up and I'll be travelling with my new friend Lynn, and we're sooooo looking forward to it.   More about that later.

Then when all that is over and done with, I'll be painting.  Yes I do believe I said that last holidays, the bathroom, toilet and laundry need painting to match our new tiles.   Well Mike has done the toilet ceiling.  Call us procrastinators or time poor, not sure which.   The paint has been bought, just need to crack the wall paint open!

And a few other fun things planned over the next few weeks, one of which involves a lot of colour.  I'm so pumped for this, I'm doing the Color Run in Melbourne this year.  A group of locals will be making the trek to Melbourne to get down and dirty and colourful !

I can't wait.   For those that have no idea what this is about - it's a 5km fun run and each kilometre they bombard you with a different colour, until at the end there's a kaleidoscope of colour everywhere.  The only rule is to wear white.  How fun this will be!

So recently my American friends experienced Halloween, and there's been such fun Halloween goodies come out at Designer Digitals, so I wanted to use some of them to create a page.  I instantly thought of a rickety old house I see not far from here when I'm heading over to the next town.  It always looks so spooky, so I put the black cats to good use and came up with this page.

Credits Designer Digitals.

This house has always made me imagine what it was like in days gone by.   And my journalling went like this:
I drive past this house on the Mortlake-Terang Road and it always looks so spooky. It’s been empty for as long as I remember, but I wonder what it would have been like in its hey day. Children running and laughing out front, the beautiful big block of farmland with chickens clucking, cows mooing and dogs barking, huge cypress trees to shade the afternoon sun. But now it looks to be a shell, all falling down and rickety, with only the echoes of children laughing blowing on the breeze.
And with that, lunch awaits.


Lynne said...

Enjoy your time off. You sound like you'll be so busy it'll pass in no time! (PS I saw the word "knitting" in there - will there be photos? LOL)

Chocolate Cat said...

Your holidays sound like lots of fun! Wonder if the painting gets done??? If you have time for a coffee when you come down to your mum I am hanging out at the Geelong hospital an awful lot these days!! Of course she might already be home when you come down, one day we will catch up!