Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hi honeys I'm home!

Actually came back Monday night, but it's taken me this long to get back to rights again.  I have had the most BRILLIANT time away in Sydney.  Absolutely mind-blowingly memorable in every which way.  I'm back and I'm pumped to continue on my 12wbt journey as another Round started this week.

This past weekend I cried so many times (I wonder if tear loss counts in the weight loss game?!?!!).  Saturday morning saw Lynn (my roomie) and I head out to Randwick to Queens Park for the big workout session.  I became a blubbering mess at the start of the workout.  Oh Lordy Lord.  I was moving along with everyone else and it hit me, seeing a wave of people all exercising with Michelle Bridges leading us.  It was just too much and I dissolved into tears.  A number of times.

We had a small Warrnambool contingent in Sydney and it was great to be able to spend some time with them, exercising, partying and sight seeing.  We don't usually see each other all glammed up, it's usually exercise gear at 10 paces!  So that was a fabulous treat.

Here are some pics from the morning exercise session.   Arriving and we thought we were going to be in for a cold session, it was a wee bit chilly.

The gorgeous Mish, who inspires us to achieve more than we could ever think was possible, and then some.

The Warrnambool contingent, a bit red faced after the workout, we were pumped!

Team VIC in our group photo with Mish there in the centre.  You can see me in the centre in the top row.   Dare I admit that when I had last week showed my mum my Team VIC exercise shirt, she thought I had been specially picked to be in a Victorian team.  I didn't have the heart to tell her I was just part of the Victorian contingent up in Sydney doing 12wbt !!  Let's just let her live in ignorance shall we.  

After Lynn and I enjoyed a wonderful Japanese lunch, very healthy, we decided to go walking.   Now there was a time I wouldn't be seen dead in the supermarket in my tracky dacks, and yet here we were walking through a major capital city in our exercise gear.  Go figure.   This is what health and fitness will do to you!  

Pretty soon the evening was upon us and it was time to glam up.   Here I am with my Warrni friends - Debbie and Casey (my Otway Rainfall conspirators from a month or so ago) and Lynn (my roomie).  isn't it nice how we even colour co-ordinated!!??   I absolutely loved my dress, but it's already getting a bit big on me, ha!  Nice situation to be in but not for the $'s I spent on it.  I shall be looking for a dressmaker to take it in very soon.

Feeling quite the glam girls here, me and Lynn, my partner in fun over the weekend.   There were about 1000 people working out in the morning and about the same amount at the party, the biggest party I've ever been to.

It was thrilling that my two Warrni friends Debbie and Casey made the top 20, and not only that, but Casey took out the title.   The top transformation out of 27,000 people.  That blows my mind.  And we all just went nuts when both the girls walked down the stage.

Oh and whilst Mish worked the room there were some minders around too, so what's a girl to do but photobomb her!  Not the most flattering one of Mish (sorry about that) but in my mind the conversation went like this:

Mish:  "Well good thing Carol we didn't wear red tonight because quite frankly Lynn is looking stunning as the lady in red.  And you my dear look simply divine as well, and your boobs are spectacular!!"

Quite frankly the memories of the weekend I think will be with me forever, my first Finale with good friends, it can't get any better than that.  It has spurred me on though, I met another one of our Warrni group, the very inspiring Tania at the gym yesterday and I went hard.  I did a PB (don't you love the athlete talk) on the treadmill, finally running 2km without stopping.  Now for a lot of peeps that may not be a lot, but for these 48 year old bones who has never run before 12wbt, it is EPIC proportions. 

Oh and before I go, we did a lot of sightseeing in Sydney over the weekend too.  We had fun at the Village Bizarre at the Rocks on Friday night, danced in the street, took in the side shows, decided our White Rabbit Bar bunny mask was the perfect accessory to walking around the Village.  12wbt'ers incognito!!

We sailed around the Harbour to glorious views such as this.  Sensational weather.

We had crazy good fun at Madam Tussaud's Wax Works at Darling Harbour.  Lynn and I totally reverted to kids getting our photos taken in all the settings.  We won't even talk about Johnny Depp's bottom, will we Lynn? tee hee.

~~sigh~~ who knew Eric Bana was so tall.  Mike has said that is my "come hither" look!  Goodness, I didn't know I had it in me  ;-)

Loads of hijinks over the weekend with Sunday night culminating in the Bridge Climb.  Lynn and I had coincidentally both done it before on our respective honeymoons.  So we were eager to try it at a different time of day so chose Late Twilight.  Oh how perfect.   Going up before the sun sets, and coming down in the dark.  SENSATIONAL.

Thank you Sydney, you sure did put on a show for us.  


Lynne said...

Seems to me you had a fabulous time in our beautiful city!

Chocolate Cat said...

WOW! What an inspiring weekend! You girls are looking great!