Sunday, July 1, 2012

Twice in two days, it's a miracle!

Sad neglected blog, be neglected no more.  I'm back again!  :-)

The king of bathroom renovations, that's what I'm going to call him now, was here again today and the bathroom floor has now been waterproofed and is doing it's 6 hours drying or whatever it needs and then tomorrow the tiles go in.   Yahooooooooooooooo!!!!!

I'm aching today, I am having so much trouble going from standing to sitting, and sitting to standing.   Probably way too much information, but I was sitting on the toilet seat earlier and I honestly could not stand, I had to grab hold of the toilet roll holder and near on yanked it off the wall.

Yesterday I did a group workout with some new friends from 12wbt, and the trainer that we had did warn us it would be hard and we would hurt the next day.  She wasn't wrong.   The backs of my legs are aching, the tops of my arms, and right across my chest.  Must have been the sit ups, the pull ups, the squats, the lunges, and all sorts of other contortions that has done this to me.  Last night I honestly had no energy to even pick up a knitting needle, that's how much my arms hurt.

I have lost 10.4 kg now since the start of May and I'm over the moon happy.  Have even gone down a size in jeans.  So I know all this hurting is for the bigger good.  Just need to keep telling myself that.

On the scrapping front, one of my dear friends on the CT at Designer Digitals Linda, did a scrapbook layout recently on her fantasy dinner party.  I thought that it would be a fun documentation of where our mindsets are at this point in time and at this point in our lives.  So I asked Mike who would be his ideal 7 dinner guests, along with himself.  Errr yep, he has an eclectic mix.   I wasn't quite prepared for his response.

Hopefully you can read the journalling, but just in case you can't here it is:
I asked Mike to name 7 people he would like to join him at a dinner party. He thought long and hard and finally named the lucky 7, which included me. “Awww honey, that’s so sweet, you didn’t have to invite me to the dinner party too” I said, and without missing a beat he countered “okay, I’ll have Jamie Oliver instead.”

Product Credits Designer Digitals

And with that I can still hear the rain pelting down, I don't think it's stopped all day, so I'm off to bed to listen to the rain on the roof, which is one of my favourite sounds, whilst tucked up in a warm bed.


Lynne said...

Interesting mix of guests!

Congratulations on your weight loss - fantastic!

Polly said...

Woohoo, what a champ.