Saturday, June 30, 2012

My poor neglected blog

Tis a true fact that exercise has taken over my life!  Most days now I'm up early, maybe every second day, and off out the door at 7am in the dark.  I've joined Snap Fitness Gym and I'm there around 7.40 or so and I can get a good 30-40 minutes work out in.  Then I go to work.  You'd think I'd be fatigued but there's a kind of rush that comes over you during the morning and I swear you can't get the smile off my face.

Of an evening when I get home it's just way too cold to be up here at the other end of the house on the computer.  Even now I'm sitting here with a coat on, cause I can't be bothered finding the blow heater to turn it on.   It's just so much more appealing to sit in the cosy warmth of the log fire!

I am so sick of winter!  Enough said.

Bathroom renos

We are knee deep in some renovations at the moment.  It's probably taken oh about 3 years to get to this point, but you can't rush things, can you.  Here's the story, I really ought to scrap it.

Quite a number of years now our shower leaked and water was coming through to the passageway on the other side of the wall.  So we took the shower out and had a new one installed.  But the plumber who was hooking up the pipes said our house was too low to the ground and he wouldn't be able to get under it, we'd need to lift some tiles in the bathroom so he could get in through the floor boards and hook it up that way.  Of course the tiles that were removed broke, but he needed a bigger area to access, so Mike took another two strips of tiles out, which also broke.  They removed the floor board underneath and lo and behold there was a big beam in the way, so the lifting of the tiles were for nothing.  They ended up having to get to the pipes via the passageway and under the wall.

Well that was quite a few years ago now, and the shower was put in, but the surrounds were never finished, and the tiles never replaced.  We've just had some thick plastic over the floorboards to stop them from getting wet.

Mike's good mate Tony knew this was a source of frustration for me, I just wanted the tiles replaced and the bathroom finished!  So one day recently he was down at the tip and he ran into the handy man tiler that he knew.  He almost dragged him by the ear to our house, not quite, and he did come willingly, he wasn't hijacked or anything.  So he had a look and said he'd be back.

He didn't come back.  Not right away.   But he's here now!  YAY!

So my idea was that while we were retiling the whole bathroom, not just a patch job, we may as well get a new vanity/basin unit too to replace the pine wood 70's style one we had.  That was just too much for poor Mike and in an effort to get the tiling done said that lets just get the tiling done and we can replace the vanity later.  Grrrrr.

I got a phone call last Thursday, a bit sheepish, asking me to go shopping.  FOR A VANITY UNIT!!!  Apparently they were moving it so that the floor underneath could be prepared for tiling and the whole thing fell apart.

I promise I didn't sabotage it!    :-)

So at the moment we have a lovely sleek white vanity unit sitting in the passageway while we're waiting for the tiler to come back tomorrow for the next stage of the job.  Yep, he's even coming on a Sunday for us, helps that he lives just up the street!

On the scrapping front

I love scrapping our history, family snippets that are so easy to be lost over time, particularly now with dad gone, I want to ensure his memory stays alive.  And I love heritage scrapping, I think I'm truly happiest doing this style of work.   In a past life I played for many many years, 20+ years, in various brass bands.  It was a family thing with my dad and poppa also playing in brass bands.  For a short while dad and I were in the same band as I was growing up in my teenage years, and this was a story that I will never forget.  And yes, one of those snippets in our family history you just don't want to lose.

Credits Designer Digitals.

And with that I need to take these weary old bones to bed!

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Lynne said...

Wow! That story really brought a smile to my face!

What you need, my dear, is an iPad (or something similar). I am sitting curled up in my lovely leather armchair, reading posts and typing comments - half a house away from my cold sewing/computer room!