Sunday, July 8, 2012

I'm in love with my bathroom

Still not finished but almost there.  The tiles look magic!  Cream with a little mottled white, almost like a little cloud on the edges.  But they are cooooold first thing in the morning, yikes!  He's tiled all round the too, took off the crappy 70's pine walling, it looks so good.  The new vanity looks a treat, same size wide and long, but it's taller, I love it.   Last lot of siliconing to be done on Monday, and then it's left to us to paint.

I'm not going to worry about retiling around the bath and vanity wall, although really dated with a grey geometric pattern, I'm going to give that White Knight tile paint product a go.  Anyone had any luck with it?  Or am I entering into a world of pain?

And then ... he's starting on the toilet and laundry next week.  Yahoooooooooo!   I'm doing my last lot of washing today, I think I've washed everything in sight, because tonight the washing machine is unhooked.   I can't wait until our three wet areas are looking spic and span.   Photos will be forthcoming!

Credit Card Woes

I had a call from the lovely people at Visa yesterday morning to tell me my credit card had been "compromised" because Western Union had tried to take out $2018 but they stopped the payment before talking to me.  And because it wasn't a legitimate transaction they've cancelled my card and I need to get another one reissued, which means a new pin number to memorise.  Aaaarrrggghhh!!!!

This could not have come at a worse time as next weekend I'm going away with the girls, a weekend in Port Fairy, so not too far away, but it was to be a weekend of relaxing, enjoying each others company, dining out, shopping!  I still have access to internet banking so I'll just transfer some money over to Mike and he can get the cash out.   But now he knows how much I intend on spending.  Urrrgh.

This is the second time that Visa have rung me with suspect transactions.  I have this vision now of people just watching transactions go through on a computer screen until they see one not quite right.  Or maybe they have buzz words that alert them.  Who knows, but I must admit I'm very impressed with their diligence in keeping my money safe.

On the scrapping front

Thought I'd post this.  Great for when I'm on a diet huh?   I made these for a CWA cake stall, oh did I mention, I'm a member of the CWA now!  I told them on my first meeting "I make scones, okay?" ha.  Well I make them but they don't turn out regulation size!  So yes, I made these chocolate chip cookies for a cake stall recently, and may I add I did not have even a one!  Mike did the taste testing for me.

I was so pleased how they turned out.   I started with a couple of Pattie Knox text bytes and went from there.   It was a great jumping off point.

Product Credits Designer Digitals.

And with that I have a bit of baking to do this afternoon, Mike has asked for a couple of plates of nibblies for tomorrow night's meeting.   I hope I'm not tempted.


ksharonk said...

It's going around, Carol ... same thing happened with my cc a couple of weeks ago, just before I went to Melbourne on my 'girls away' trip. Apparently someone (online) was buying clothes in Italy with my CC number. The bank was super quick to get my card cancelled, and a new one out to me. Makes me twitchy too!! :)

Lynne said...

Yay for Visa being on the ball but it's still a pain for you!

Good news on all the wet areas.

And good on you for being strong and not eating your own baking!