Saturday, July 2, 2011

What we women do ...


In a time of crisis.

I'm right aren't I? One of Mike's oldest friends is staying with us at the moment, his 90 year old father had a stroke and a fall and has been in hospital last week. Friday night we were still all up talking and the phone rang very late and as soon as I heard B answer it I knew. His father had passed away. So incredibly sad.

So today while B was out with his siblings who had come to town during the week to organise the funeral and care for his mother in a nursing home over in the next town, I did what any woman would do at a time like this.

I baked.

It's a nurturing thing isn't it? You give the condolences, you try to make things easier for the person, you understand, and you feed them. And you keep on feeding them.

Project 52

Ahhh yes remember that? I started it and then promptly fell off the bandwagon with a thud. Well I've dusted myself off, gone back through my photographs and jumped back on that bandwagon with a fanfare. Well okay, consider a fanfare from an out of tune dusty old trumpet if you will, but I'm getting there.

Here's weeks 5 and 6 for your viewing pleasure. Who can resist this darling face, I ask you? He's learnt when the camera comes out, posing wins treats!


And who can resist a man that will go the extra mile when I need a subject? I was doing an exercise in "panning" and you may remember the story here. It really HAD to be my photo of the week, didn't it?


Credits Designer Digitals.

Hoping for no rain tomorrow, even though it is forecast. Pleeeeeaase (looks up above).


Calico said...

Darling, darling photos!!!

Lynne said...

Yep, I can relate to that! When my FIL had a stroke and passed away, MIL and her six children gathered. I baked a double batch of fresh scones and sent them along. They didn't need me while trying to discuss the funeral arrangements but they did appreciate my scones.

Polly said...

Im very sorry for your friend's loss Carol.

I love the photos too - so happy.

ksharonk said...

Your 'boys' both look so happy here ... fabulous pages, as usual! :)

Fiona said...

Your Project 52 is an absolute delight Carol, I'm loving each page! It's hard when a parent passes away and I'm sure Mike's friend appreciated a bit of nurturing in the form of your baking. x