Monday, July 18, 2011

Forgive me blog

Forgive me blog for I have sinned, I have not made a blog post since the start of the month ... oh the shame.

So get ready for a round up.

Mike's friend came, went and came back again getting prepared for his father's funeral, such a sad time for him and I'm so glad we were able to be there for him. But just quietly the man is a creature of habit. He always showered before bed time, no matter what. One night he stayed up talking with Mike until after 1am. Mike came to bed which woke me up, and then the next thing we hear the shower door bang and the shower come on. At 1.15 in the morning! Each to their own.

Then Tristan came to stay for a weekend which was so nice to have him here. Although we already had plans for the Saturday night so he came along. Errr ... much to his horror!

We had seen in the newspaper about a Buddhist Monk teacher who was coming to Warrnambool and you could go along to hear his words. We had thought this might be something quite different to do and were interested to hear. So poor Tristan came along too.

First faux pas...

We walked in, signed the visitor's book, spotted three chairs and promptly walked over to it and sat down. Looked around. Everyone had their shoes off. Oh dear, they were taking them off at the door and we just strode right through the room with them on. We quickly slipped them off and popped them under our chairs.

Second faux pas...

Mike had a honking big hole in the toe of his socks and while sitting there with his legs crossed, delighted in poking his toe through and wiggling it around to my horror! He thought no one could see except for me. Then the Lama caught a look through the gap in the chairs. He looked right at Mike's toe. Oh the shame!

Third faux pas...

Tristan fell asleep. He kept getting lower and lower in his chair and I swear he was going to slip right off it. He says he was meditating. I know better!

It was really interesting though. I wasn't sure what I was expecting, but everything he said made so much sense. Although he didn't speak English and had a translator, also a Buddhist Monk. His name was Geshe Doga and he has lead quite an amazing life. Have a read. It's quite an incredible journey he has made through his life.

Other than that it's just been day in and day out. We're both completely over our illnesses so that's good in itself. We had a bit of a scare with Molly weekend before last. She was off her food, she was listless, she just lay in the front yard all day, not interested in anything. Broke my heart. Even Lucky stayed a cool distance from her. Mike keeps telling me I have to start preparing myself, our old Molly is quite a geriatric now. But I can't, not yet.

That was the Saturday and then the Sunday she was back to normal, running around, chasing Lucky, eating up a storm. I went from distressed to elated in the span of 24 hours. I had taken a photo and you know the only way to get through a crisis like that is to scrap about it, so I did. Doesn't that face just break your heart? She couldn't even look at me.


Credits Designer Digitals.

Time for bed, I have a big day tomorrow, which I'll come back and write about then. Until then, good night!


Calico said...

Oh Carol...your posts always make me smile. You've got quite a knack for writing. That Molly looks so pathetic in that photo and I'm glad whatever it was getting her down quickly passed by!

Lynne said...

Glad it was worth it, despite the little faux pas.

Very glad to hear that you are both recuperated and Molly is more like her old self again.

Fiona said...

Good to see you back Carol and I can't stop laughing about Mike and his holey socks, or should that be 'holy'
socks given the circumstances LOL!!!