Friday, February 11, 2011

Another weekend gone

Where are the days going? Honestly, this is ridiculous. Life is really fleeting isn't it? We need to grab each day and enjoy otherwise zoom, and it will be gone. I'm sounding a bit tragic aren't I? Not meaning to but it's scary how quickly we start Monday and all of a sudden its Friday night and the weekend is upon us.

I've been doing some fun photographic exercises with a small group of women, it's been a load of fun so far. We have a theme for a week and then go out and snap and then share the photos on flickr. This past week the theme was panning. Have a moving object and follow it in the view finder and click click click as it goes by.

Well what better object than Lucky. Mike was at one end of the yard with his plastic bone toy throwing it to the other. I took about 50 shots in all up and back and up and back and he was so darn quick I've got heads, I've got rear ends, I've got bits of feet and only a few with him in the shot, a lot blurry because I was laughing so much. But I got a couple of okay ones. How fun!

He's certainly focussed on the end result here! Too bad about the toy tyre on the ground in the second shot, nothing that a bit of photoshopping can't make magically disappear though.

Panning #1 - Lucky running

Panning #2 - Lucky running

So after I finished these shots I thought I needed another subject, Mike to the rescue. He volunteered to run up and down the FRONT yard! But only if he was a superhero. Oh My Lord!!! So we got out the red velvet Christmas Tree skirt so he had a cape, and he grabbed the rasta hat I made him for a fancy dress a few years ago, and all of a sudden RASTAMAN was born!! I don't know what his super hero powers are though.

So he did about 5 laps of the front yard and a couple out the back where the light was better. I can only imagine the eyes peering from the neighbours houses. But no matter, all I could think of was how lucky I was to have a husband who joins in the spirit of the occasion, no matter what. I think we're both as crazy as each other. Until at the end he said no more and was gasping for breath, I thought he was going to have a heart attack.

So I introduce you to ... RASTAMAN! One of the few photos I got that I wasn't falling about laughing.

Panning #3 - my darling husband

Onto scrapping...

Lots of fun this weekend at Designer Digitals with their famous quarterly sale, so go grab a bargain. And then of course on Saturday (US time) it's their all day chats, I've been to a few of these chats, surival of the fittest. Sometimes there's hundreds in the chat room, all talking scrapping and the chat moves so fast. Lots of freebies every hour. I'll miss the start because it starts 12midnight hour time.

Here's the timetable, bear in mind it's listed as eastern US time.

8am Package Inspiration with Andrea
9am - Talking Type with CathyZ
10am - Add Flare with Anna
11am - 30MM with Cassie
12pm - Dates, Numbers etc with Elena
1pm - Collageable with Katie
2pm - Felt Friends with Pattie
3pm - iTunes with Mel
4pm - Templates with Kayleigh
5pm - Embellishing with Kathleen
6pm - Scraplift with Lynn
7pm - Family Time with earlofoxford
8pm - Color Challenge with Anke
9pm - Singing Bee with Jesse
10pm - Fitting The Words On The Page with Ali
11pm - Last Call with Randy & Katie

And of course I will show a scrap page I recently did. I was feeling melancholy thinking about my grandma and wanted to scrap photos of her throughout various stages of her life. Blink of an eye, yep, this is how quickly life goes.


Credits Designer Digitals.

Time for bed, over and out.


esther_a said...

You have a lot of lovely photos of your grandmother! I think your Rasta-Man is fabulous!

Polly said...

Oh Carol, that photo of Mike is hilarious. We learnt panning at our course last week, It was quite enjoyable, but Im sure it was a funny sight all these photography students snapping cars on the side of the road!!