Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Speeding towards the weekend

Light speed really, hasn't it been? Is time going so fast for everyone and not just for us here? I think we're in warp speed heading towards Christmas. I actually got my Christmas list out the other night working out a few things to look out for in the coming months. Ridiculous? I think not.

We watched a great TV show tonight on Channel 2, the start of a series I believe. Judith Lucy's Spiritual Journey. Absolutely loved it. Humour, the questions that the average Joe Blow might like to ask, a bit naughty and intriguing. A description of the series from the website:

Australian comedian Judith Lucy grew up so heavily
Catholic that she wanted to become a nun.By the time she left school, she was a
committed atheist. Now she's convinced there must be something in between those
two extremes ... she
just doesn't have a clue what it

Join Judith Lucy on her quest to discover something to
believe in, when Judith Lucy's Spiritual Journey starts Wednesday 27th July at
9.30pm on ABC1.

It really was a good watch. Roll on next Wednesday!

Out internet connection is going waaaaaay slow tonight, it's painful, so I do believe this blog post will end here for fear I will never be able to save it.

Shall finish this post off with a page I did recently on a seaside theme. A fantastic photograph I have of my grandma and grandpa either when they were courting or perhaps just after they were married. Photos like these really make you wistful that you didn't ask more questions while they were alive. I want to know everything about it, where were they? what time of their lives were they in? what was happening with them? why were they there? So now I just have to wonder. Not fair.


Credits Designer Digitals.

I'm so seriously behind on my blog reading as it's just been way too cold to sit for any great length of time up this end of the house. I am sooooo over this winter weather. So with that time to fill the hot water bottle and I'm off to dreamland! :-)

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Lynne said...

Like you, I wish I had asked more questions. Funny thing is, I think I might have been told, nicely but firmly, that it was none of my business!

Also, like you, I am over this thing called winter! At least with the year speeding away, it'll be spring soon and then summer!