Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Like old times

Well it was like old times tonight with the Chaser boys back on telly. Couldn't help myself, had to watch them. Not that I'm into politics, but it was so much more entertaining than the debate last Sunday.

And after last Sunday life went back to normal. No more Masterchef :-( On Monday we looked at each other at 7.30pm and thought, what now? Great win for Adam. But let's face it, for anyone involved on the show, they'll all have a leg up in the food industry purely because of the exposure Masterchef has given them. All the best to all of them.

Have you visited twolittlepixels lately? Lots of grab bags to be had. And lots of great scrapping goodies to add to your collection. So run, don't walk, this week only. Here's a page I made with goodies from the grab bags from [ksharonkdesigns] and Roadside Designs.

My sister-in-law's crazy dog Tilly. She is a Gordon Setter and such a gangly girl. This is how she likes to sit on the garden furniture outside.


And while I'm in a sharing mood, here's some more photos I took on the Worldwide Photo Walk last Saturday.

Sailors Rest



Musical Bollard

Hand rail

Poppy Kettle

The Mussel Man


Geelong Waterfront

All done. Over and out. Time for bed.


adelayde said...

Beautiful photos. I especially like the ones by the water.

Polly said...

Just beautiful photos Carol. I have to admit Im a little pleased that Masterchef is over, I don't feel quite so tied to my couch!!

catsmum said...

especially love the handrail - and the horses.
You need to get back into quilting girlie - I'm sure there's a quilt or three in 'dem dere pictures !