Sunday, July 11, 2010

Another Sunday nearly over

Heading into late afternoon on a Sunday, I get the Sunday blues, the weekend is nearly over. Although we are having leftovers for dinner tonight, so at least I don't have to cook. Oh and I went to the market on the village green this morning and picked up a blackberry and apple crumble for dessert, so even better!

I made the most delicious chicken casserole with thyme and parmesan dumplings last night. When was the last time you had dumplings with your casserole? Delish. All due to Masterchef, I get a bit excited in the kitchen on the weekend and have been making things I've never made before. This time I grabbed the last Burkes Backyard magazine and picked a recipe. Mike is enjoying the change of pace than the normal same old same old dinners I make. I don't think he wants Masterchef to finish for fear I'll go back to my old normal dreary recipes.

So tell me, is there life after Masterchef?!? I don't want the series to come to an end, I'm enjoying it even more than the last series.

Have you visited twolittlepixels lately? Roadside Designs is putting out the best templates, so if you're going for a different look, or in a mojo rut, or time is of the essence, these are for you. Click on the picture to take you straight to the store.

And this is what I did with the top template there in the bundle, together with creashens new Flutterby kit.

And voila, a beautiful page of my niece ...


That's it from me, over and out.


esther_a said...

I don't know if I can bear to watch Masterchef any more now that Marion is out! And besides it takes up SO MANY hours of the week! But it has been inspiring my 14yo to try a few things. She's mastered lemon cup cakes, lemon tart and scones!
I agree about those templates :)
Sunday blues are even worse when it's the end of your holidays! Bwaaa!

Margaret said...

Sunday night tea with leftovers is the best. I am sure when you were young Sunday night was cold meat and salads if rels came or jaffles if the family were home alone. Thanks for stopping by.

Chocolate Cat said...

I can't bear to even think about when Masterchef is over again this year!!! The only change I would like is that it is on at 6.30 on a Sunday night - might add it is the only night we are ready to sit down by then!!! I made chocolate self saucing pudding friday night - yum!!