Sunday, July 25, 2010

Masterchef here I come

The finale tonight. Who's it going to be? Adam or Callum? Well if I had to pick one I have to say Adam will be it. Callum, if you make yet another chocolate fondant tonight I will surely scream. Can't wait. I've planned a Masterchef dinner tonight too, our favourite things. Roast pork and for dessert pavlova. Well, you can't have the finale tonight without having something special to tuck into too.

Speaking of Masterchef, I've found two of the websites of my favourite contestants. Alvin's Cinnamon Pig. I soooo want to try out that drunken chicken dish. And my favourite contestant Claire's Cooking from the Hearth. I can actually see myself trying her recipes, there's a fabulous steak and mustard butter one on it I will be trying very soon. Yum.

Yesterday I went on the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk. I had signed up to the Geelong walk, and it was a lot of fun. Can you even imagine - 1,111 photowalks happening across the world on the one day with 33,483 photographers seeing towns and cities through fresh eyes, making new acquaintances and enjoying their art with like minded people.

Two hours enjoying taking photographs down along the waterfront, the colourful bollards, the beautiful bay, here are some of my photographs.


Geelong waterfront

Geelong waterfront

Geelong waterfront

Bollard Beauty Queen

Geelong Waterfront

Shall upload some more later. They are by far not fabulous, considering some of the camera and lens envy I was having with the other particpants, but I'm happy with them, and my representation of the day.


Sharon said...

Lovely photos, Carol ... I can tell you really enjoyed your wander! :)

Amandac said...

Wow Carol these photos are amazing! Congratulations on them hun! I love the old tatty boat reflected in the water - very crisp!

Did you like Master Chef? Happy with the outcome? I think it went very well - Julie was funny crying... I think she was remembering back to when it was her standing there!

Lynne said...

Cheery, even on a cloudy winter's day! I must look at the site and show WM - he is the mad keen photographer in our house.