Thursday, July 22, 2010

The world turned upside down for me

Span off its axis or something like that. Mike actually got up earlier than me today!!! He's usually in bed when I go to work (one of the biggest irritations of my life). Okay so he says even though he's still in bed, he still starts work earlier than I do by the time I get to work. But that's not the point.

But today at just after 6am he got up. Showered. Dressed. Fed the menagerie.

I need to say again - this NEVER happens.

So I come out to the kitchen and the telly is on. Mel and Kochie. Urrrgh. I stopped watching them years ago. I usually have the Today show on. This threw me right out.

Plus he'd made breakfast for me. Doesn't he realise I usually just have a cup of coffee and a small bowl of sultana bran? No. Here was a big steaming bowl of porridge for me. I couldn't hurt his feelings, it was nice he made it, so I had to eat it. I showered it with sugar and then took a bite. Urrrrgh. It was salted porridge made the Scottish way. Salt and sugar together. Not good.

So you know that big irritation I have about him not getting up with or before me of a morning? I'll never say that again. I want my nice quiet pottering around solo morning back.

Here's another one of my AAM pages. This challenge was a "when I was your age" challenge, but there are no rules so I made it a "then and now" page. Made me giggle when you think what was acceptable back then and what is the norm now.


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Calico said...

As the saying goes "Be careful what you wish for" !!
I LOVE the layout, Carol! So fun to see how times have changes!

amson said...

The day my girls get up before me will occur after pigs fly... I love the layout with the comparisons. I really want to try this.

Amandac said...

another fabulous page Carol - I had to smile and some of your comparisons lol
I know what you mean about the quiet mornings - I love the fact that I get up earlier than the rest of the family (except the dog!)- I love the peaceful coffee!

Scottish Nanna said...

Well Carol at least he got something right the salty porridge as you can see I am scottish He is A good Lad LOL.
Hugs Mary.

Lynne said...

We had a twin tub (my mum - aged nearly 77 - still uses one). We had no phone until after I was married! We didn't even have a flushing toilet till I was 15!!