Thursday, August 3, 2006

Lots of new things!

Lots of new things to talk about since my last post.

New car .... oh how I am in love with my beautiful girl that came to live with us yesterday. I did have a quiet moment with my old girl before I left her at the car yard. We reminisced about the trips we'd done, the times she'd gotten me out of tight spots, the happy drives we'd taken. Hubby thought I was totally bonkers. For him a car is just a car. But I don't know if it's just me, or a woman thing ... we put so much emotion into things we own. So with a quiet adieu I bid her well and happy future miles with a new owner. And then drove home in my beautiful zippy silver Honda Jazz!! And I'm totally in love. Phooey to the rain that has rained on her yesterday and today though.

New project .... I went to the Quilting and Craft Show in Melbourne last Saturday and have decided that sock wool is not just for socks. I'm very much enjoying making a baby cardy for one of the girls from work who is expecting. It's kind of a modern twist on a traditional cardigan and knitted all in one sideways. This is the start, from one sleeve...

And a new sewing table. Hubby has gotten me an early birthday present, a Horn sewing table. I do dream of having the whole Horn shebang one day and apparently this will fit perfectly with it. But it will be brilliant to have here in the spare room where I'll at last be able to keep my sewing machine up all the time, and perfect for cutting applique. I'm very naughty, it's already set up and my birthday isn't until September!!!

Until next time.

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Bells said...

Wow!!! Swish concert tickets, a new car, a new sewing table and a totally cute cardie made out of sock wool. Have you been pinching yourself???? You should be.