Saturday, July 22, 2006

Long time between drinks !!

Well I haven't posted in my blog for a while. Very slack I know. But as I sat here today doing a bit of crochet I had a big grin on my face thinking what a lucky great weekend I was having.

Firstly hubby and I went car shopping yesterday and we picked out a new car. My poor old girl has done me well but at 165,000 k's on the clock she's really struggling at the moment. Not bad driving for only 7 years! So my new car is a Honda Jazz. Hoping for a silver one, but if not, a white one. Boy oh boy, I wouldn't be a car salesman for quids. Hubby drove a very hard bargain and here I was thinking we were playing good cop bad cop, but he was so good we ended up getting free headlight protectors, bonnet protector, mica colour and roadside assistance all for free! Here is a pic from the Honda website ... hope I'm not breaking any copyright laws here, but I'm just so darned pleased with it.

Secondly one of hubby's friends arrived for a surprise visit yesterday, complete with a truckload of wood!!! Oh bliss. Some men bring flowers. Some bring roses. I get excited about wood!!!! So after stacking it up we've replenished everything we've used during winter so far. Gotta love a man from the land who has fallen branches everywhere.

Thirdly got a call from my dearest best friend in Tassie, and she's coming over at the end of August. So excited. Complete with family of course including her 5 month old baby. Cluck cluck cluck!

Thinking that was about it in the luck department, I go up to the newsagents this morning for the paper and find out that hubby had entered a losing lotto ticket into their barrel and his name was drawn for a free quick pick today.

Yep, feeling very blessed with unexpected pleasures right now. *big smile*

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