Saturday, August 12, 2006

We found a lump

And you know if it were on me it would probably be a little easier to handle. I mean we are in charge of our own destiny, right? But it was on my beloved Molly. Probably about 2 weeks ago we first found it, but it was so small, and almost like a bite or something. We'd lose it again when we tried to touch it, it was so small in amongst all her fur.

But Wednesday was a different matter. I was giving her big cuddles as I always do and my hand brushed it on her shoulder. WTF? It was huge. Well okay probably not huge, but huge to me. Almost the size of a malteser growing on the outside of her skin, not like a lump under her skin.

So of course straight away I rang the vet for an appointment and then I start to self-diagnose. The internet is a wonderful thing, but also a curse, so I've thought the absolute worst since then. I look at my beautiful girl who just sits and smiles and doesn't have a care in the world and think I don't know what I would do without her.

So the vet's diagnosis - nothing as yet. He took a needle biopsy which has been sent away for analysis. Then we'll know what we are dealing with, if it is a cancer, if it needs removal, or more. I'm filled with panic for her. But she just happily goes on about her business, lazing on the porch in the sunshine, piddling in the driveway, chasing her squeaky ball, rolling around on her back on the grass in glee, not knowing the doom I feel like I'm carrying around for her. It's hard. It's very hard. She's my first and only dog. And I adore her.

Not a care in the world, playing this afternoon!

Hopefully I will be able to post next week with good news. Think positively.

Over and out.

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Bells said...

Oh carol! Horrible news! Keep us posted....