Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cows come in all shapes and sizes ...

Is there any wonder my poor girl Molly has her eyes shut? That I would subject her to such embarrassment? The other dogs in the neighbourhood are definitely snickering! Here we are in the middle of cow country and I have her wearing a cow print coat!!!

Well what's a girl to do? She is having a bit of a time of it scratching. Very gently of course, but she still is scratching none the less and I'm worried about her stitches. Her winter coat is okay on cold days, but once those odd sunny days have come out it's way too hot for her.

So I drafted a quick pattern of the coat, got some cool cotton drill in a funky print, and recreated her winter coat, but a lighter variety. Now she can wear this during the day and even if she scratches her nails won't catch on her stitches.

Seriously, she is coping extremely well with her wound. Unbelievably well. Every day she is brighter and more back to her own good self. Although our "outside dog" has become an "inside dog" and I'm loving it !!! Although heck, it's like having children, those first few evenings I was up and down 4 times during the night to check on her. Ahhh, it's all good. We have our beautifully natured girl back almost to her old spirits and a huge relief for us.


Bells said...

oh she's so cute Sapph. She looks gorgeous. You are so clever! Hope she's still doing well in her recovery!

Bells said...

hey carol - no updates in ages. What's going on??? There must be something to blog about???