Sunday, April 30, 2006

No more changes!

Okay that's it, I've changed my blog template for the last time. I think heads must be spinning, I've finally decided on one. (Until at least the next time the whim takes my fancy!!)

Well hubby is still in bed (yes at 11.20am!!) okay well he's had a hard week, he can sleep in, I thought it might be time to show a few more of my quilting creations.

I did a quilting course when I moved to country Victoria. For one reason a way to meet new people which was great, and for another because I like quilting and I wanted something to give my mum for Christmas. So I made her a lap quilt in a "Fence and Rail" pattern. What a great quilt to cut my teeth on, and of course now I'm a perfectionist in wanting to get my joins exactly perfect. So this quilt was my first class effort which I was very proud of.

Whilst waiting for the final class for this quilt, Hurricane Charlie decided to blow his way through Florida and my dear penpal Myra lost her house, lost everything. So I started cutting another one, a big queen size quilt and by the time my last class arrived for this quilt I had the top all sewn together. This is the final product of the same quilt but in a different colour scheme, and this one went to Florida to help ease the pain that Myra was going through.

That's it from me, over and out. Keep on quilting!

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Cinnamon Jewels said...

Loving the new look!
I love your quilts and I love the stories behind them. I hope Myra is safe and well now.