Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Easter fun!

Well Easter has come and gone, and with it a big job is almost out of the way. I decided to paint the spare room. OMG, I tell you they don't show you all that's involved in those home decorator shows or Changing Rooms, etc. The washing of the walls, the puttying, the sanding, the cutting in, the washing of the brushes. No, they just slap the paint up on the wall and within 1 hour the show is over, decorating included!

It's been a slow process, but it looks divine, and I've done it all myself. I'm so proud. Hubby has only helped by opening the paint tin and pouring. The colour is Dulux Penna, with Glacier for the ceiling and skirting boards. It honestly looks like I'm standing in the middle of a big wedgewood plate. It's gorgeous! Pictures will be forthcoming when the room is finally completed. The final coat on the walls and then the skirting board are still to go.

It hasn't been all painting this last weekend though. Easter Sunday we went for a picnic to Tower Hill just out of Warrnambool. It was glorious weather, and we had a couple of gatecrashers who came up and ate some sandwiches right off our table. Funny things they were.


Bells said...

you know, I'm going to be picking your brains on the painting soon Carol - you'll be invaluable!


Cinnamon Jewels said...

I lvoe reading your stories!