Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Grape Escape!

Some time between drinks here, but better late than never, another post!

Today we headed up to Halls Gap to visit the fabulous Food & Wine Festival called The Grape Escape. As usual, a wonderful day. Cool but okay weather. Lots of wine and yummy foods. Great music. Big smiles. Happy people.

But getting there we passed through a lot of the burnt out areas from the recent bushfires. No such big smiles for us then. Huge trees fallen as they'd been burnt through. Fencing destroyed and still in the process of putting new fencing up. A couple of cars still burnt out by the side of the road. A couple of burnt houses. Very sad making for us to see all of this at our beloved Grampians. And to see how close it got to Halls Gap. Very very scary I imagine for all those people.

But nature has an amazing way of getting back on its feet. Burnt out trees with almost the fuzz I guess you could say of green growth starting. Glad though we supported the Gap with their festival. Looked like people were out in force doing just that. Looking forward to next year.

Here's some pics we took on the way home. Pretty devastating.


Bells said...

Great photos Carol. Really effective. Love the new template too!


CathH said...

Carol - tell us more about the festival! Being thats my job (melbourne food and wine festival) I love to hear about other festivals. I believe also that one of our "legends" Stefano Di Pieri was there presenting......