Friday, August 10, 2012

The joys of living in a small country town

Firstly no natural gas.  Yes that's right, we only have bottled gas here.  But usually you can tell when the gas is getting low.  Hmmmm, but not last night.  

Mike was getting ready for Masons, I told him to at least put his suit on and then I'd have dinner on the table.  So I'm throwing together the sweet and sour pork (a la 12wbt) and the pork was taking an age to go golden brown.  I lift up the wok and barely a flame and then puff it was out.

Mike comes into the kitchen ready to eat, all dolled up with his tuxedo on.

No dinner.   And there was no way I was going to ask him to change the big gas bottle outside with his glad rags on.  And I have absolutely NO IDEA how to hook it up.

Luckily they have a lovely supper on after the meeting, so he filled up there.

I don't know the rules about half cooked pork, whether I could finish cooking it tonight, so the dogs ended up feasting on it tonight.   I ended up buying more pork and lucky man is having his sweet and sour pork tonight, while I go out with the girls.

We're going to see The Sapphires.  I don't know much about it, except that I've heard it's really good.

"1968 was the year that changed the world. And for four young Aboriginal sisters from a remote mission this is the year that would change their lives forever. Around the globe, there was protest and revolution in the streets. Indigenous Australians finally secured the right to vote. There were drugs and the shock of a brutal assassination. And there was Vietnam. The sisters, Cynthia, Gail, Julie and Kay are discovered by Dave, a talent scout with a kind heart, very little rhythm but a great knowledge of soul music. Billed as Australia's answer to 'The Supremes', Dave secures the sisters their first true gig, and fly's them to Vietnam to sing for the American troops. Based on a true story, THE SAPPHIRES is a triumphant celebration of youthful emotion, family and music." 

And we're going "somewhere exotic" for dinner.  Arrrgh.  There goes my diet.  How can I choose carefully if I don't know where we're going.   Wish me luck.

So here are the girls, my posse!  :-)  (if I want to talk like Carrie on Sex and the City).   This is from the recent weekend we spent at Port Fairy.  I didn't take many photos, all very random, the weather wasn't overly conducive to that, cold, wet, rainy, windy.  But we had fun.

I really love these Collegeable Templates from Katie, pop the photos in, add a few elements if you want, and call it done.  

Now, better go get ready!  I have somewhere exotic to go to!!!

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Lynne said...

My mum cooks on bottled gas too!

I hope you enjoyed the movie; I've hear it's good.