Sunday, August 5, 2012

Driving here, driving there, driving everywhere!

Yes imagine a BIG SMILE from me right now.  I have my car back.  And to be frank it's driving better than ever.  Feels so good to be back in familiar territory.  Mike's car is lower than mine and I don't like the feel of his gears.  Fussy aren't I?   And as old as it sounds, I'm glad to have my car radio back!  I like listening to talk back radio, and Mike can't get AM on his radio so I couldn't listen to 3AW in my drives in and out to work.  Oh God!  How old am I?  I sound like my grandmother listening to Bruce & Phil ! So all is good once again.  I'm back on the road peoples, watch out.

I've just made a big pot of soup and the kitchen smells delicous.  Thai Pumpkin.  One of our favourites on the 12wbt program.   So we had some for lunch and I've frozen the rest.   I'm about to make another favourite Penang Chicken so I can freeze.  Nothing like some easy meals that fit into the meal plan to come out of the freezer on nights where I can't be bothered.

So as of last weigh in I'm now down 14.1 kg yahoooooo!   That's 31 pounds my friends.  And I'm feeling more than fabulous.

On the scrapping front...

One thing I love about Mike is that he's always up for a photo.  Well most times he is.   I have this feeling that in years to come when future generations look at these albums I'm creating they're going to think we were a generation of nutters.  Truly.  But so be it, we like to laugh, that's a good thing.

Mike recently bought a new sleeping bag.  He had the chance in a recent sale to buy a new super dooper one, that even at the sale price made my knees go weak!  But I know in the early hours when he's out camping the cold can set in, and this was essential for him.   Mind you, he's yet to try it out under the stars, it's been too wet.  But he couldn't wait to try it out at home, and so this page was born... Oh and here's the journalling if you can't quite read it:
Mike couldn’t wait to go camping to try out his new super dooper VERY expensive sleeping bag, so decided to sleep in it on top of the bed one night, until he realised that he didn’t really need a -16 degree bag inside a house with a wood fire! He didn’t last long before I had to help peel him out of the bag in a lather of sweat. Best wait until outdoors!

Credits Designer Digitals.

Well it's been cold, wet and rainy here.  My jungle of a garden remains just that, still a jungle.  But I'm thinking the rest of the afternoon sitting by the fire and knitting is the order of the day.


ksharonk said...

Your layouts about Mike always make me smile ... in a good way! So glad you have your wheels back! :)

Bells said...

well done on the 14kg! That's so impressive. I hope I can report something similar in coming months!!

Lynne said...

Congratulations on the 14.1kg loss. I hope it doesn't get found around here! :-)

I'm glad you have your car back - we are a two car family even though I can go days without leaving the house (it wasn't always like that; I was employed in the past). I wouldn't want it any other way.

Mike looks so funny in his sleeping bag!