Thursday, August 23, 2012

I didn't fall off the end of the earth!

I'm still here.  Just been working hard and not blogging, hmmmm.

First off to answer Lynn's comment in the last post, I LOOOOOVED the movie the Sapphires.  Probably one of the best movies I've seen for a long time.   I liked that it wasn't the cliche Aussie movie, because honestly we do have the biggest cringe factor in some local movies.  But it was great.  So ... do yourself a favour!!

Apart from that it's been a race to the finish line in the 12wbt program.   The round is over.   And my end result was 10.9 kg loss (or weight I've donated to the universe!!) during the 12 weeks, and if I count the 4 week pre-season a whopping 15.2 kg gone, never to be found again.  That's 33 pounds.  Yippee.

I'm feeling great but know I've still got work to do.  I've signed up for the next round and hope to keep the momentum up.  

On the scrapping front...

I know I like to consider myself as the resident photograph taker of the family, but every now and then Mike gets a pearler.  This photograph of the Port Fairy Lighthouse was from a few years ago.   Mike's cousin Eleanor from Scotland was visiting and on one of the days he was taking her for a visit around the local coastline and and this was one of the photos.  I knew one day I would scrap it, there's something about the spray of water and the red door, just loved the photograph.

So this was the end result.  We make a good team Mike and I !!

Credits Designer Digitals.

So the weather this weekend looks wild.   The forecast is 90% chance of rain.   So we've got to hope we're in the other 10% because we have plans of popping over to the Robbie Burns Festival over in Camperdown.  Near enough to pop over and back during the weekend, so that's a good thing.  But please don't let it rain!!   :-(

So do cross fingers for me won't you?


Polly said...

Fingers are crossed!

ksharonk said...

What a stunning page, congrats to both you and Mike for this one! :)

Lynne said...

You're right - it was crying out to be turned into its own page: it is, indeed, a lovely photograph.

Thanks for the tip on the movie; glad you enjoyed it. It's unlikely that I will get my husband to go to see it so I will have to wait patiently till it gets to the DVD shop! I think the last movie we say at the cinema was "The King's Speech" - shows how often we go to the movies!

Cass said...

I'm sorry about the weather we are sending you, but I'd suggest getting a snorkel... it hasn't stopped raining at our place in SA for nearly 3 days.

Thanks for the movie tip, I have a couple of tickets that need using up by the end of the month, sounds like a winner!

That photo of Mike's is stunning and I just LOVE the way you've scrapped it, the treatment, the frame, all of it! Awesome work :)

Cass said...

Ooooh and PS - big woot woot on the 12wbt loss. Way to go!!!

Margaret said...

Fantastic photo. and page Now to try and work out the numbers and words for the comment ,a robot could do better at these.

Bells said...

we saw the sapphires last night. You're right. No cringe. It was wonderful!