Tuesday, April 26, 2011

5 day weekend, come and gone

Well we're at the end of a lovely 5 day long weekend - add Good Friday to Easter Monday to Anzac Day and we had a super dooper weekend.

We went to Penshurst yesterday so Mike could take part in their Anzac ceremony. It's hard going back year after year and seeing the same faces, some not there any more, and oh how the old soldiers age each year. But they really appreciate the live piping, and Mike is thrilled to do it for them.

I've jumped back on the bandwagon with the All About Me challenges at Designer Digitals and the most recent one was a beauty, about where you live. It really made you step back and appreciate your town. I was lucky enough back in 2009 to take a helicopter ride over my town and buzz my house in the process!!! So this photo was from that ride. OMG it was fabulous! One of the things on my bucket list was to ride in a helicopter - tick!


Credits Designer Digitals

Oh and I have been remiss, last Monday was our wedding anniversary, seven years! Okay, so I haven't exactly been in the blogging mood and I guess I should have done a layout to commemorate it, but there you have it, been and gone, we went out for a lovely meal and gave each other a gift.

I got us tickets to see Tutenkahmen (excuse the spelling but I'm too lazy to look it up) at the museum in a month or so's time. Mike said he had put some thought into my gift ... oh Lord! I've heard that before (thinking back to the hair removal cream episode). But he had. He proudly announced when I opened the gift of 4 bracelets - 3 wooden and a gold one, that 7 years was WOOD and so he matched the gift to the anniversary year thingy. He had gone to the newsagents first and asked what the seventh year was in modern and traditional, then gone to the gift shop to find the bracelet.

I was later telling mum that on the phone, how romantic that was that he went to that trouble. She started laughing. Either Mike had misheard or Chalky at the Newsagents didn't have his glasses on, because the seventh year is WOOL not WOOD !!! How funny.

So I hope your long weekend wherever you are has been a lovely, restful, chocolate filled weekend.


Chocolate Cat said...

Thanks for the giggle!!! We were only talking at work last week about the traditional anniversary gifts. At least he thought about it!

Lynne said...

Poor Mike; he tried so hard. But you can buy yourself wool and I bet you'd never buy the bracelets!

Happy belated anniversary.

PS We had a female piper at FIL's funeral on Wednesday; I don't know why I was surprised, I guess I shouldn't have been.