Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday oh Sunday how I love you so

Yes I do, I love Saturday too. Oh and Friday night. Don't get me wrong, I like my job, but I so much more love being at home.

Mike has been at a working bee all day, he left at 8am this morning and it's now gone 3pm. I mentioned some posts back that we had some devastating news that some friends had been in a very bad car accident. The working bee was out at their farm to build a fence and feeders for their goats, so that when Mr. C comes home he doesn't have to feed them by hand any more.

I've just been out there and visited and they've done a mammoth job. Mrs. C came home during the week, although not out of the woods yet, but it was so nice to be able to visit with her. She has to wear a brace for the next 6 months. She has a broken sternum, broken rib and a bad crack in her L2 that still has to heal, I must google that to find out exactly where it is. I was able to give her a very gentle hug, and truth be told the hug was for me more so, I have been so worried about them. But she has the resiliance of a country woman of many years, and their healthy living has aided a lot in their recovery. Still a long road ahead of them, but with their many friends and family they will get to the other side.

The Weather

So I guess people talk about the weather when they don't know what to talk about, but honestly the weather is really on our minds of late so it is topical. Thursday night we had the storm to end all storms, fire, brimstone, mother nature threw it all at us. Our power was off for about 3 hours, we had the dogs inside with us, Molly was panicking, Lucky couldn't care a toss, and Bo ended up fronting up the back door a bedraggled wet soaking mess.

So what to do? We'd had our dinner, thank heavens it was leftovers from the night before so I was able to heat it up with the gas oven. We were sitting there listening to the battery radio that is usually in the bathroom.

Me: "I'm bored"
Mike: (silence)

Me: "Want to play a game?"
Mike: "Hmmmm nope"

A moment later...

Me: "Sure? Want to play scrabble, we can do it by candlelight?"
Mike: (gives me "the look" more of exasperation, he really didn't want to play a game).

A moment later...

Me: "Wanna make out?"
Mike: "I REALLY just want to sit here and listen to the radio".

So there you have it. 3AW talk back with Derek Guille is more scintallating than making out with me. We have officially hit the seven year itch! ha.

The Weather

And onto scrapping, the small photographic group I'm playing along with at the moment has had some challenges which I've mentioned in the past. There was a challenge to fill the frame, no cropping afterwards allowed. Goodness knows what the neighbours thought when I lined Mike up outside the shed so I had the cool metal behind him and had the camera lens sooo close to him. I think they're used to strange things with me and my camera by now.

Love the whole manly feeling to this page.


Credits Designer Digitals.

And with that, I must start thinking about what to make for dinner, decisions decisions!


Polly said...

Way too funny!!

Lynne said...

Lovely photo, Carol - well done.

Chocolate Cat said...

How lovely having a working bee to make life easier for when your friend returns home. Thanks for the giggle, that would so happen in our house too that I would be the 'bored' one!!!

amson said...

Thanks for the laugh! But what a great photo!