Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm here!

No I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. I'm here, I really am. I've had a horrid few weeks at work, really really busy, frantic, panic making weeks. Not fun! Plus I've had a trip to Melbourne during that time for some training, left home at 5.30am and stepped back in the door at 10pm. Darn that there's only 3 trains a day back here. Well there was some shopping done while I had some free time up there so there was a small bonus.

Last weekend I was asked to photograph a wedding. Eeeek. I did everything I could to get out of it, I don't *DO* this. She kept insisting that she only wanted candid shots, nothing posed. Yeah right, famous last words huh? Until the photos come in and you don't see the photos you were really hoping for. It is an older lady in town, she said she's been there done that, and that's why she only just wanted a representation of the day. She showed me some photos from her daughter's wedding from last year and I thought heck, I could do that, they truly were happy snaps.

So with much trepidation I said yes. Mike was already going to be playing pipes at the wedding. It was a really plush but low key affair, does that make sense? She had it at home, and by home I mean the most amazing gardens you've ever seen. A big marquee out the back with chandeliers no less. No dancing, no cake, just a string quartet and a dinner party afterwards. And after flitting around during the event I think she got what she wanted, it was truly divine.

Except it rained, only during the ceremony. But you roll with the punches right? Here's the happy bride and groom, I think the brolly is a great touch. All the guests were standing on the verandah of the homestead. I'm going to call it a homestead because it really was that much more than a house. And yes, this is her backyard.

Eve's wedding

She really was radiant throughout. Never wiped that smile off :-)

Eve's wedding

The reception set up in the marquee.

Eve's wedding

The menu

Eve's wedding

I was on the verandah of the house here looking over to the marquee, she had these beautiful tea lights all along the verandah in clusters, it looked all so glowy and inviting.

Photo challenge GLOW

Okay so I will do better with my blogging, I must I must. I'm about to start on a new scrapping project for a friend and she's given permission for me to post pages here, so I'm quite excited to get this project started. More later.


Jodie said...

Oh WOW!!!!! Carol those photos are stunning! And love the brides dress.

Polly said...

Simply beautiful Carol. And what a beautiful lady. I hope that she is very happy.

Lynne said...

I'd be more than satisfied if you took those photos for me - they are gorgeous!

Did it tempt you into giving up that stressful job and doing something you love?

Cass said...

So glad to hear that you're still with us! I was beginning to wonder ;)

Those wedding photos are gorgeous. You did a stunning job, I'm sure she will be over the moon with them. And what a beautiful wedding :)

amson said...

Congratulations, wonderful photos!