Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just me

You may be mistaken for thinking I have clearly dropped off the end of the earth. Well I kind of did, computer wise anyway.

Disaster struck recently. I was happily doing whatever I was doing on the computer and everything froze. So what's a girl to do I ask? But turn the thing off. Problem solved. Except it wouldn't turn back on again. I was getting a file corrupt message, Mike tried everything and I mean EVERYTHING. Our computer guru in town tried everything to get past the initial error screen. Couldn't boot, couldn't boot from the CD, couldn't get into DOS, all these things I've got no idea what they mean.

But we have a back up drive right? Right!
Except we hadn't done a full back up since (look away now, this is painful to admit) but February 2010.

To be honest the emails, the documents, whatever I don't care about, but my photographs I've taken since February, my scrapbook pages I've done, all gone.

Let this be a lesson to anyone reading this ... BACK UP NOW! I've certainly learnt my lesson.

Although one of the ladies at Designer Digitals, her husband is looking upon this as a bit of a challenge and has very kindly offered to do what he can to get my info off the drive. Apparently even when you think a drive is dead, it may still be resuscitated enough to get things off the drive. Hopefully all is not lost, and me, being the proverbial cup is half full girl, thinks my cup may have sprung a leak. Lets cross fingers my doom and gloom is proved wrong.

So a few projects I have on the go I have had to start again. Not to mention a number of calendars I'm making for Christmas. Snapfish rocks, do you know that? I have had one calendar made and I'm over the moon happy. Photographs will be forthcoming.

So my father-in-law will be getting a calendar this year so I need to put some pages together of the family. I loved these photos. Mike has this habit of calling himself "Mr. Wonderful" and how lucky I am to be married to him. Yes, see what I have to put up with. More embarrassing is when he rings up the pizza place in town and orders a pizza for "Mr. Wonderful". Urrrgh, then I go and pick it up. Thank goodness the lady who owns the pizza place in town is a good friend of mine and knows what a goof Mike is. So one year the devil in me got a t-shirt made up for him. Although it backfired and he proudly wore it this day with his sister.


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Margaret said...

Take some heart you can retrieve documents from the hard drive, hope it works for you, and yes bcack up all the time. I used to back up on disc , now I use a usb stick. Go girl go and get a stick and back up , back up , back up.

Lisa Beth said...

Oh my God how horrid! I would D-I-E if my computer froze up and wouldn't let me get at all my precious lovely documents! ARGH! You poor thing! :-( I really really hope that you can get your pics off the old computer.

Invest in a back up hard drive. James got us one, and we backed up all our computers onto it. I had read a story about a doctoral student whose laptop was stolen, with her dissertation on it. No back up. All her research and writing, GONE. That was enough to convince me - get a separate hard drive and back up, back up, back up.

Just remember: Jesus Saves!