Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Life as I know it ...

Well it has changed I fear. I've gotten a bit of the "dithery old lady syndrome" (apologies to any elderly folk who read this, put it down to me still being in shock over my stupidity).

The other day when I went to Melbourne both myself and the lass I was with both nearly tripped over when we were going into the building. Day before yesterday I went to sit on my chair and it rolled out from under me. Well they say things come in threes, oh boy it did yesterday.

After work I'd parked up at the store I get my fresh meat from for the menagerie and dutifully locked up the car and grabbed the shopping bag and walked up to the curb to step up onto the footpath. Just at that moment my sunglasses fell off the end of my nose so I went about catching those, but forgot about the curb and completely tripped, propelled forward and landed flat on the footpath.

OMG, firstly the embarrassment factor kicked in ... who saw?

Then the pain took over. I gave myself quite a gravel rash on the left forearm, bent a claw in my engagement ring and whacked my right knee on the ground as I went down. A young fellow in his 20's was coming up behind and rushed over to see I was okay. I rolled over and came up into a sitting position and told him I was okay, just let me catch my breath but I'm okay. Then the lady from the shop who saw it came out fussing, helping me up and carrying my bag.

I wanted to scream ... "I'M OKAY EVERYONE, STOP FUSSING" but inwardly my arm was really hurting and I just wanted to sit in the car and cry. After I bought the dog meat I did do just that.

I took off a couple of layers of skin around my left elbow, but that part is okay. It's just darn sore to touch around the muscle area leading down from there. Plus my poor engagement ring, it will have to go to the jewellers as I'm too scared to wear it in case one of the diamonds comes out. And my knee cap has a lump on it.

So is this it? Is this where I start getting clumsy? Well okay ... MORE clumsy than I already am? :-(

I had shown the page of the trail of destruction the other day. Well by the magic of cropping photographs, I did happen to get some nice photographs of my ranunculas without seeing the rest of the de-headed ones! I still can't believe I am actually growing flowers, pretty coloured ones at that.


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Calico said...

Oh no, Carol! I hope it was just a bad spell and it's over now :(
Your layout is beautiful!

Lisa Beth said...

Oh no! That hurts in more ways than one! You poor thing. I did something similar a couple years ago, fell down a set of stairs at the commuter train station in Boston, during the morning rush hour, in front of at least two trains FULL of people. I was trying to avoid a homeless man sitting at the base of the stairs, and as I shifted left I lost my balance and then the computer bag swung forward and me and my coffee mug went SPLAT!! Ugh. Hurt and embarrassed! :-(

Hope your ring is fixed quickly and that your arm and knee heal up soon. {{hugs}} Go enjoy your beautiful garden in the meantime.

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with ya... as a forty-something sliding into 50... i can completely relate... found you blog from Li Wards site and enjoyed reading it ---