Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What a week

It really has been a week and a half, that's for sure.

My sister-in-law had her 40th birthday and on Saturday the weekend just gone she was having a birthday BBQ. The day started off torrential rain, and it rained, and it rained. On the way to Geelong we found out she had been in a car accident, another car had come out from a side street and turned right, right in front of her. The car was a write off. Thank heavens she was okay, just the shock and her chest hurt from the seat belt.

I'm quite sure she didn't want to go ahead with the BBQ, but she continued on. I think she was quietly glad when the last person left. But still it rained.

Mike and I stopped in for a coffee at a little cafe in Geelong and while we were sitting there I felt water hit my head. The roof was leaking. I quietly told the fellow behind the counter and he said "oh yeah, that happens when it rains". What the heck? I know it was an old place, but we're talking like a puddle was forming on the table. So we moved, but by the time I had moved seats a flipping big moth decided to dive bomb my coffee and was swimming in the froth of my cappuccino. Urrgh. We got up and left.

And still it rained. The whole way home. What a miserable Saturday.

Forgive me if I have posted this page before, my list of what I've posted and what I've not got swallowed up in the great computer disaster. A fun page I'm including in a calendar I'm making for sister-in-law number 2 for Christmas. My nephew, thank goodness I still have these pages uploaded to photobucket, because I don't have this photograph any more :-(


Credits here.

I love these type of pages, it will be interesting how he changes over the years.

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Lisa Beth said...

Prayers for your SIL's quick recovery from the bruising and shock of the accident. And hopes for a sunny Saturday this weekend for you! :-)