Sunday, June 4, 2006

A quilt in progress

Follow along and watch as this quilt is born. I went along for a class today. Well actually, I could have done all this without the class, it's just straight piecing. But it's nice to get together with like-minded women, ooh and ahh over their colour choices and talk along happily to the whir of the machines and the woosh of the rotary cutters.

It was only 2 hours this morning, but I got a fair bit of cutting and some of the piecing done. The rest of the piecing gets done over the course of the month before the next class where we will learn how to put the triangles on the end. Now that's really what I am doing this class for, I've never worked with diagonals before, and even though this is really only dipping my big toe in the water instead of diving right in, it will do for now.

Must say I love the feel of working with flannel. There's something just so cosy and wonderful about it all. And I do need to comment that sometimes fate works in mysterious ways. That colour that was sent by mistake to what I ordered, it actually will fit in far better than what I had originally selected. So thank you for the divine intervention in having this err turn into a positive.


Bells said...

why else do you think flannel sheets and PJs are used Carol? They're so comforting!

And yes, divine intervention is worth thanking, by the sounds of it!

Cinnamon Jewels said...

Love the colours Carol! How is it progressing?

Which reminds me,. I have some things to send you!