Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A package arrived in the mail ...

... and it was my very much anticipated and awaited flannel I bought online. And it's brilliant. I was so worried that the online colours would not be true to life, but I'm not disappointed. Although just quietly I think the yellow kind of speckled one is not the shade I ordered, I like it just the same. The speckles tie the teal in a bit better.

Do you think these colours will be suitable for a boy? I hope so. I find it so hard to visualise these great clumps of material into the little rectangles and triangles and wedges that will end up being the design.

Although the instructions on the class list was to wash and tumble dry the material before class. I washed the reds separately tonight, in case they ran. They didn't bleed, but boy did they fray!

So my first class for this quilt is Sunday. I will post pictures so you can see the work in progress.

Until then ... keep quilting!

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Bells said...

looking forward to seeing what you make of this lovely fabric Carol!