Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Situations Vacant --- Wanted --- One Apprentice!

Well well well, I didn't even know I had a job in the offering but I turn around from the ironing board and realise I have an apprentice! My gorgeous little girl Bo! She gets fascinated when she hears the sewing machine going and looks like she's up for the job, hehe. Although somehow I don't think she'll reach the pedal!!

Well the quilt is coming along, I'm slowly getting squares ready to put together. Nothing much to report on at the moment. Just more cutting and sewing.

Oh except I have Robbie tickets! ~~ drool ~~ Roll on December!

1 comment:

Bells said...

oh that's so cute. I want a cat. I REALLY WANT A CAT!

Oh and I want Robbie tickets too.

Only one of these things is possible... :-(