Thursday, June 15, 2006

Introducing my two girls

Well now that I've made mention of one, I should officially introduce my two girls.

Firstly Molly. Such a soft hearted nature. Hubby got her when she was about 1, she was about to become a pound dog so he rescued her. Apparently from wherever she came from her brother lived up the road and of a morning would come down and off the two of them would scoot and chase nearby farmers' sheep. Not too pleased. That's how she came to belong to us. She's about 6 going on 7 now, we're not even sure, but I swear she thinks she's 1. Even though she's quite portly she has boundless energy when it comes to her squeaky ball. She really is a darling and there's not a mean bone in her body. The soulful eyes go right to my heart every single time. And on first meeting she'll look at you, lay down, roll over and paws up demand a tummy rub ... there's no dignity! hehe

As for Bo, short for Bojangles. Now there's a character. She was dumped in our town as a kitten, quite a number of kittens actually and she found her way to us and adopted us! Now when it comes to her and Molly, Molly gives her a wide birth. They, well let's say, tolerate each other! She's such a character, lazing all day and then like Jeckyl and Hyde becomes 'scatty cat' at night! Usually in the early hours we'll hear her pitter patter and her little bell and then kerthump, up she jumps and finishes the night off at the end of our bed. And she just gets prettier and prettier with her colourings as time goes on.

How lucky we both are to have two such wonderful pets, or members of our family. Oh and well I do have to admit, they are both computer nerds and have their own websites - Molly and Bo.


Bells said...

Carol I just love these photos! Bo's photo in particular in almost regal. What a lovely cat she is!!!

Cinnamon Jewels said...

Bo is the most beautiful colour!