Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

Well Easter Sunday is almost over, almost time to make dinner and settle in for the night.  It's been an interesting few days.

Thursday I took the day off to take Mike to his appointment in Geelong at the dental surgery.  He had to get a back tooth taken out but with the roots being crooked they wouldn't do it in the chair in Warrnie, so to the myofacial surgeon in Geelong we had to go.  Ouch.  But it's the best way to get it done asleep in the chair for sure, although I have often wondered how do you keep your mouth open if you are asleep?  Maybe I don't want to know.

It was a long trip there and back, being that we had to skirt around Derrinallum as the highway was still closed due to the bomb explosion almost a week before.  Read about it here if you don't know what I'm talking about.   What a journey home.  Mike was in and out of sleep and would wake up and say the most extraordinary things like ... "I can't help it if I'm such a sexual magnet" and the like!  Where the heck did that come from???? ha.   But he has a high pain tolerance for sure.  All the pain killers he has been on and I would have been asleep for a week.

Friday was our 10th wedding anniversary.  TEN YEARS???? How did that happen?   So we decided to cancel our planned dinner at a ritzy chi chi pooh pooh restaurant until Mike could fully enjoy it.  He made up for it surprising me with a gorgeous GORGEOUS diamond ring.  He has asked me what I wanted and being that the subscription to the Australian Women's Running magazine he gave me last year had run out I suggested he renew that.  He did that AND said that he thought 10 years deserved something a bit more.  Diamonds!  Wow.

So despite still being on the painkillers and stitches and his jaw swelling up somewhat (although he likes to say it's his ruggedly handsome strong jawline) I knew when he started eating a couple of bacon balls on Friday night that he was feeling a bit better, so on Saturday we went to a fun engagement party of some workmates of mine.  We didn't stay long, just enough to enjoy the festivities, have a meal (soft risotto for him!) and wish them well.

Today he's still on the painkillers, but feeling so much better.  Thank goodness.  We went to the Easter Sunday dawn service this morning, had hot cross buns and little chocolate eggs and coffee afterwards down at the lake with the other friends from town, and then home to snooze off the early morning!

So that was our Easter.  Despite being Easter Monday tomorrow, I am working by choice, so I'll get a day in lieu another time.

Oh and back to our anniversary, I had made a book for Mike but it hasn't gotten here yet  :-(   The tracker says it's on it's way from Blurb, hurry up postie!!  I've never made a book where a photo goes over two pages before, cross fingers I haven't ballsed it completely up.    I also gave him a bottle of his very favourite Lagavulin 16 year old Scotch Whiskey.  Now THAT made him smile!

Here's the 10 pages from the book "LOVE YOU BECAUSE ..."
(if you want to read the journalling click on the layout to bring it in closer, but it's soppy!!)

This book was made super easy because of the templates by Ali Edwards, check them out at Designer Digitals.

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